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Natural Science Requirement (8-10 Credits)

All students are required to successfully complete two courses in laboratory science from a specified list. The list of approved courses is available from the Academic Information and Advisement Center (Shuster Hall, Room 280) and in the Schedule of Classes distributed prior to registration each semester. The following list is approved for the Fall 2011 semester, and may change for subsequent semesters:

ANT 171: Introduction to Human Evolution

ANT 269: Introduction to Human Variation

AST 117: Astronomy of Stellar Systems

AST 136: Astronomy of the Solar Systems

BIO 166: Introduction to Organismic Biology

BIO 167: Principles of Biology

BIO 183: Human Biology

BIO 184: Plants and People

CHE 114/115: Essentials of General Chemistry

CHE 136: Elements of Chemistry

CHE 166/167: General Chemistry—Lecture & Lab

GEP 228: Weather and Climate

GEO 101: Physical Geology

GEO 166: Process of Global Change

GEO 167: Evolution of the Earth

PHY 135: Fundamental Concepts of Physics

PHY 140: Physics of Sound

NOTE: Students who are required to take BIO 181: Anatomy and Physiology I, BIO 182: Anatomy and Physiology II, CHE 114/115: Essentials of General Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory, or CHE 120/121: Essentials of Organic Chemistry--Lecture and Laboratory as part of their majors (Dietetics, Foods, and Nutrition; Health Education and Promotion; Nursing) may use these courses as substitutes for the Natural Science requirement. Students entering the Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology/Biology/Chemistry, and Physics majors as well as premedical, predental, prepharmacy, and preveterinary program students, may use PHY 166, PHY 167, PHY 168, and PHY 169 to fulfill this requirement.

Last modified: 7/30/2015