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Incomplete Courses

The grade of INC is awarded only when the course requirement has not been completed for good and sufficient reasons and when there is a reasonable expectation that the student can successfully complete the requirements of the course. The INC grade covers any failure to complete all requirements for a course, such as submitting a paper or taking a final examination. For an instructor to grant an INC, the student must have met the instructor's attendance requirements in the course and have a passing semester average. The student must complete the missing work within the first ten weeks of the following semester. If the instructor is not available, the student must consult with the department chair. A grade replacing the INC may not be entered by the instructor or department chair later than the last day of classes of the following semester. INC grades not completed by the deadline will become Fs (FINs) (or the equivalent under Grading System I-R, NC).

Last modified: 7/30/2015