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Health Services Administration, B.S. (55 Credit Major)

The program in Health Services Administration aims to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed by administrators in hospitals, community health facilities, nursing homes, extended care facilities, financing and insurance agencies, health maintenance organizations, managed care organizations, and other health services programs. Career opportunities involving hospital administration, the management of long-term care, managed care, and ambulatory care facilities, and the planning and implementing of many different kinds of health services were all considered in designing this program. The curriculum also prepares students for graduate study in Health Services Administration.

The Health Services Administration Program offers a course of study leading to a B.S. degree. The curriculum includes basic study in the social, economic, behavioral, and natural sciences to provide a broad liberal arts background for the professional course sequence. Students who major or minor in Health Services Administration can become eligible for admission to the New York State Licensing Examination for Nursing Home Administrators. For information about this examination, consult the Department of Health Sciences.

Admission Requirements

An application for admission to the program in Health Services Administration requires a cumulative index of 2.5 for admission to the program.

The distribution of courses and credits to be earned by majors pursuing the general program in Health Services Administration is as follows (55 credits):


In Departmental courses: HSD 266 (3), 269 (3), 306 (3)


In Health Services Administration: HSA 267 (3), 312 (3), 301 (3), 304 (3), 402 (3), 403 (3), 440 (2)


In recommended electives chosen in conjunction with the adviser


In Health Services Administration internship: HSA 470 (4), 471 (4)


In Psychology: PSY 166 (3) and one 200- or 300-level PSY course chosen with advisement (3)


In Economics and Accounting: ECO 166 (3) or ECO 167 (3), and ACC 171 (3)

Last modified: 7/30/2015