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Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2), with or without Bilingual Extension Childhood (Grades 1-6), with or without Bilingual Extension

Students seeking the initial certificate as either an early childhood or childhood education teacher, in addition to completing the sequence of professional courses, are required to complete a major in one of the liberal arts, physical or social sciences, or mathematics. Thus, the major area of concentration is a requirement both for the college degree and for the teaching certificate. For the purposes of early childhood (Birth-Grade 2) and childhood (Grades 1-6) teacher certification, however, major areas of concentration are restricted to those approved for early childhood and childhood education. The recommended majors for initial certification in early childhood and childhood education are as follows:

Recommended Majors:

African and African American Studies

Art History

Comparative Literature




Italian American Studies

Latin American Studies

Puerto Rican Studies


Additional recommended majors may be added after the printing of this Bulletin; students need to see an adviser in the Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education (Carman Hall, Room B-32) to find out which additional recommended majors are available.

Last modified: 7/30/2015