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Distribution Courses (6 Courses, 18-20 Credits)

Distribution courses are the Flexible Common Core in CUNY General Education.

Every student must choose and successfully complete one course from these Distribution courses in each of the five areas listed below, and a sixth course from any of the areas. No more than two courses from the same discipline may be used to satisfy the Distribution Requirement.

Area I: World Cultures & Global Issues (3 credits)

AAS (LAC) 235: Caribbean Societies

AAS (WST) 240: Women in African Societies

AAS 166: African and African American Societies

AAS 225: Contemporary Urban Community

AAS 232: African Civilizations

ANT (LAC, WST) 210: Women in Latin America

ANT (LAC) 238: Area Studies in Latin America

GEH 101: Introduction to Geography

GEH 240: Urban Geography

HIS (LAC) 266: Latin America & Caribbean I

HIS (LAC) 267: Latin America & Caribbean II

HIS (MES) 249: Islamic Civilization

HIS 240: East Asian Civilization

HIS 241: Modern Western Civilization

HIS 242: Contemporary European History

HIS 246: Civilizations of Ancient World

HIS 247: Medieval Civilization

LPR (HIS) 212: History of Puerto Rico

LPR 213: Puerto Rican Culture

MES 245: Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies

PHI (AAS) 269: African Philosophy

POL (RUS) 220: Russia Today

POL 240: International Politics

POL 241: Globalization

POL 266: Politics and Culture

POL 268: Introduction to Comparative Politics

SOC 245: Global Interdependencies

WST 220: Introduction to Women's Studies

Area II: U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (3 credits)

AAS (HIS) 245: History of African Americans

AAS (WST) 228: African American Family

AAS (WST) 239: Black Women in U.S.

AMS 111: American Culture

HIS 243: Foundation of U.S.

HIS 244: Modern U.S. History

LAC 231 (PRS 242): Latinos in U.S.

LAC 232: Latino Family and Gender

LPR 269: History of U.S. Latinos

MMJ 211: Introduction to Multilingual Media

POL (LPR) 234: Latino Politics

POL 166: American Political System

POL 211: Public Policy

POL 217: Criminal Justice

POL 230: Immigration and Citizenship

SOC 234: Urban Sociology

Area III: Creative Expression (3 credits)

AAS (LAC) 241: Literature of English and Francophone Caribbean

AAS (THE) 238: African American Theatre

AAS 213: African American Art

AAS 242: African Literature

AAS 266: Contemporary Black Music

AAS 267: African American Literature

ARH (LAC) 143 : Latin American Art

ARH 135 : Asian Art

ARH 137 : Non-Western Art

ARH 141: Modern Art in U.S. and Europe

ARH 167: Tradition and Innovation in the Art of the West

ART 109: Observations and Visual Experience

DNC 235: Dance Perspectives

ENG (WST) 234: Women In Literature

ENG 222: Literary Genres

ENG 223: English Literature

ENG 226: Shakespeare

ENG 227: American Literature

ENG 229: Contemporary Urban Writers

ENW 210: Introduction to Creative Writing

IDW (CLT) 211: Classics of Western World I

IDW (CLT) 212: Classics of Western World II

LAC (LPA) 214: Literature of the Caribbean

LAC (SPA) 233: Latin American Literature in Translation

MSH 114: Introduction to Music

MSH 115: World Music

MSH 245: American Musical Tradition

THE 241: The Art of the Theatre

Area IV: Individual & Society (3 credits)

ANT (WST) 206: Women and Men

ANT 211: Cultural Anthropology

ECO 166: Macro Economics

ECO 167: Micro Economics

PHI 171: Problems of Philosophy

PHI 172: Contemporary Moral Issues

PHI 173: Justice and Society

PHI 174: Theories of Human Nature:

PHI 175: Philosophy of Religion

PHI 176: Philosophy of Freedom

POL 150: Contemporary Political Issues

POL 172: Great Political Thinkers

POL 229: Classical Political Economy

PSY 166: General Psychology

SOC 227 (WST 237): Sociology of the Family

Area V: Scientific World (3 credits)*

ANT 212: Ancient Peoples and Cultures

LNG 160 (SPV 246): Introduction to Linguistics

CHE 138**: Elements of Chemistry II

PHI 169: Critical Reasoning

ENV 210: Environmental Science

PHI 170: Introduction to Logic

ENV (GEH) 235: Conservation of Environment

PSY 165: Critical Thinking in Psychology

HIS 239: History of Science

*Students may satisfy the Scientific World requirement with a course in science from the STEM Variant Course list, see the navigation panel on the left side.

**CHE138 has a Corequisite in Foundation Courses: Life and Physical Science CHE137**

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