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Lehman College

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Curriculum at a Glance

*Courses preceded by an asterisk are not expected to be offered in 2013-2015.

Introductory Courses

Foundation Courses for the Major:

ANT 171: Introduction to Human Evolution

ANT 211: Cultural Anthropology

ANT 212: Ancient Peoples and Cultures

ANT 269: Introduction to Human Variation

Other Introductory Courses:

ANT 142: Images of Culture

ANT (WST) 206: Women and Men: Anthropological Perspectives

ANT (WST)(LAC) 210: Women in Latin America

ANT/(LNG) 228: Language & Culture

Ethnography of Selected Areas:

ANT 230, 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, and (LAC) 238:

Selected Studies in Societies and Cultures:

*230: Africa

231: Middle East

*232: Europe

233: India

*234: Oceania

235: Native North America

236: Southeast Asia

237: East Asia

(LAC) 238: Latin America

Field I: Physical Anthropology:

ANT 300: Human Variation

ANT 301: Human Origins

ANT 302: Primate Behavior & Ecology

ANT 303: Human Osteology

ANT 305: Forensic Anthropology

ANT 306: Survey of Forensic Science

ANT 307: The Anthropology of Growth

ANT 309: Human Genetics

ANT 310: Evolution of the Primates

Field II: Archaeology:

ANT 240: Emergence of Ancient Civilizations

ANT 370: Excavation of the Lehman College Site

*ANT 311: The Archaeology of Europe

*ANT 312: African Archaeology

ANT 313: Archaeology of Asia

ANT 314: Archaeology of the Near East

*ANT 316: Early Societies and Cultures of North America

ANT (LAC) 317: Early Civilization of South America and the Caribbean

ANT (LAC) 318: Early Civilizations of Mexico and Central America

*ANT 319: The Archaeology of Southwestern North America

ANT 331: Prehistoric and Contemporary Subsistence Systems

ANT 371: Field and Laboratory Research in Archaeology

Field III: Anthropological Linguistics:

ANT 326 (LNG 326): Anthropological Linguistics

*ANT 327: Field Techniques in Anthropological Linguistics

Field IV: Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology:

ANT 250 (IAS 250): The Italian-American Community

ANT 330: Dynamics of Culture Change in a Global Context

ANT 331: Prehistoric and Contemporary Subsistence Systems

ANT 332: Kinship, Marriage, and the Family

ANT 334: Mind and Culture

ANT 335: Folklore and Oral Traditions

ANT 336: Music and Culture

*ANT 337: Inequality in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANT 338: Religion: An Anthropological Perspective

ANT 339: Anthropology of Complex Societies

ANT 340: Anthropology and Education

ANT 341: Medical Anthropology

ANT 342: Anthropology of Cities

ANT 343: Economic Anthropology

ANT 344: The Anthropology of Politics and Law

ANT 345: Seminar in Field Methods

ANT (ARH) 346: North American Indian Art

ANT (LAC) 347: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

ANT 348: The Ecology and Politics of Hunger

ANT 356: Advanced Ethnology

Anthropological Methods and Theory:

*ANT 320: Anthropological Theory and Method I

*ANT 321: Anthropological Theory and Method II

*ANT 322: Analyzing Anthropological Data Quantitatively

ANT 323: Methods and Philosophies in Paleoanthropology

ANT 324: Museum Methodology

*ANT 325: Method and Theory in Archaeology

Anthropology Courses & Seminars with Variable Topics:

ANT 360: Humans and the Environment

ANT 450: Seminar in Selected Problems of Cultural Anthropology

ANT 451: Seminar in Selected Problems of Archaeology

ANT 452: Advanced Seminar in Anthropology

ANT 454: Seminar in Selected Problems of Physical Anthropology

Supervised Independent Study:

ANT 489: Independent Research in Anthropology

Last modified: 7/30/2015