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Curricular Program and Design

The Comparative Literature major begins with a pair of foundation courses in world classics, studied either historically or by genre. An introductory course in the methods of literary study and criticism is provided by the department of the student's principal language specialization. In addition to a selection of electives chosen from participating departments and programs, the student must take at least four literature courses above the 200 level in which works are read in the original language, with no more than two of these courses in any language.

Courses should be selected to provide a coherent program of study focused around a particular historical period, literary genre, or geographical area. Students have a great deal of flexibility in selecting coherent courses from participating departments and programs. Each student will be assigned an adviser from one of the participating departments or programs who will help define and coordinate the student's program of study. A Comparative Literature seminar completes the program.

Last modified: 7/30/2015