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Courses in Political Science Grouped by Area of Study

Group I: American Politics

POL 166: The American Political System

POL 300: The American Presidency

POL 301: Legislative Politics

POL 302: The Judiciary

POL 306: Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections

POL 307: Political Power in America

POL 308: American Foreign Policy

POL 309: State and Local Politics

POL 316: Organizing an Election Campaign

POL 337: Public Opinion and Polling

POL (AAS) 342: African Americans in the Political System

Group II: Political Theory and Methods of Political Analysis

POL 226: Classical and Medieval Political Philosophy

POL 227: Modern Political Philosophy

POL 228: Democracy and Its Critics

POL 245: Political Analysis and Interpretation

POL 319: Contemporary Political Thought

POL 321: American Political Thought

POL 322: Non-Western Political Thought

POL 323: Marxism

POL 324: Sociology of Politics

POL 325: Psychology and Politics

POL 326: Political Socialization

POL 331: Sociological Analysis

POL 346: Methods of Social Research

POL 3600: Political Demography

Group III: Comparative Politics and Area Studies

POL (RUS) 220: Russia Today

POL 2670: Politics of Gender and Sexuality

POL 268: Introduction to Comparative Politics

POL (ECO) 327: Comparative Labor Movements

POL 328: Gender Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

POL 329: Political Systems in Europe

POL 330: The Russian Political System

POL (LAC) 332: Political Systems in Latin America

POL 333: Political Systems in Africa

POL 334: Political Systems in the Middle East

POL 335: Major Asian Political Systems

POL (LAC) 336: Political Systems of Central America and the Caribbean

POL 338: Nationalism and Challenges to National Unity

POL (WST) 341: Women and Politics

POL 3600: Political Demography

Group IV: International Politics

POL 230: Immigration and Citizenship

POL 240: International Politics

POL 241: Globalization

POL 266: Politics and Culture

POL 339: Human Rights

POL 343: International and Regional Organizations

POL 345: Integration of the Americas

POL 348: International Conflict and Conflict Resolution

POL 3520: Special Topics in Human Rights and Peace Studies

POL 366: Global Political Economy

POL 367: Political Economy of Development

POL 368: Global Environmental Politics

POL (PHI) 369: Global Justice

POL 472: Model United Nations

POL 4730: Internship in Human Rights and Peace Studies

Group V: Law and Politics

POL 217: Criminal Justice

POL 299: Law, Computers, and the Internet: The Politics of Information Technology

POL 303: Constitutional Law: Government Structures and Powers

POL 304: Constitutional Law: Personal Rights and Liberties

POL (COM) 311: Freedom of Speech

POL 312: Jurisprudence

POL 340: Law in Action

POL 344: International Law

POL 347: The Law of Diplomacy, Treaties, and War

POL 471: Seminar and Internship Program in Law

Group VI: Public Policy and Administration

POL 211: Public Policy

POL 305: Public Administration

POL 310: Urban Politics and Government

POL 313: Political Issues in New York City

POL 314: Urban Policy

POL 315: The Politics of American Poverty

POL 317: The Politics of American Public Education

POL 318: The Politics of Health

POL (SOC) 470: Seminar and Internship in New York City Government

Special and Honors Work in Political Science

POL 265: Topics in Political Science

POL 365: Special Problems in Political Science

POL 389: Political Research Laboratory

POL 451: Selected Problems in Political Science

POL 478: Political Science Senior Research Seminar

POL 481: Honors Tutorial

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