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Comparative Literature, B.A. (30-31 Credit Major)

The required credits are distributed as follows:

Credits (30-31)

9 In foundation courses: In order to gain a shared background in Western and non-Western literary classics, all students must select one of two linked pairs of foundation courses, and IDW 213. The first pair is organized by historical periods and consists of IDW (CLT) 211 and 212. The alternate pair is organized by literary genre and consists of ENG 347 and 348. For course descriptions, see the descriptions later in this Bulletin under English and World Classics.

3-4 Introduction to Literary Studies: The student must take one of the following courses on the methods of literary study: ENG 300, SPA 300, FRE 300, IRI 300, or ITA 300. Students should select a course directly relevant to the advanced literature courses chosen in the 9-credit section below. For example, students planning to take 300- or 400-level courses in English Literature and Spanish Literature should take either ENG 300 or SPA 300 to satisfy this requirement.

6 In language courses: The two courses may be chosen from:

9 Elective Courses: The three courses must be chosen from advanced 300-400-level literature courses read in the original language. These courses must be in no more than two languages. Students should select courses that enable them to concentrate on a particular historical period (e.g., the nineteenth century), a literary genre (e.g., the novel ), or a geographical area (the Caribbean, Latin America, etc.). Honors students must take CLT 481 as one of their three elective courses. For students minoring in Early Childhood and Childhood Education, one of these elective courses must deal with children's literature.

3 Seminar: CLT 360

Requirements for the Minor in Comparative Literature (12 Credits)

The minor in Comparative Literature allows a student to build an interdisciplinary concentration of courses focused on a specific historical period, literary genre, or geographical area. Literature majors may use the minor to study works in a second language read in the original language or in translation, or to enrich their study of literature in their major by adding relevant courses from participating departments and programs, such as African and African American Studies, Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Theatre, or Women's Studies. Literature majors are encouraged to take ENG 306: Literary Criticism. Non-literature majors may use the minor as a way of studying literature, read in the original language or in translation, from both literary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Non-literature majors are encouraged to take IDW (CLT) 211 and 212, or ENG 347 and 348. To satisfy requirements for the Comparative Literature minor, students must complete four courses (12 credits) selected from the participating departments and programs, two at the 200 level or above, and two at the 300 level or above. At least two of these courses (including one course above the 200 level) must be literature courses. The minor must include works from more than one national literature. Courses should be selected to allow concentration on a specific historical period, literary genre, or geographical area. One course may be from the student's major department, but the credits must be separate from credits counted for the major. Each student's plan of study must be approved by a Comparative Literature adviser.

Honors in Comparative Literature

Honors in Comparative Literature may be conferred on a student who has satisfied the College's requirement for departmental honors at the time of graduation and has completed CLT 481: Honors Tutorial.

Last modified: 7/30/2015