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Biology I, B.A. (70 Credit Major)

The required courses and credits are distributed as follows:

Credits (70)


In BIO 166 and 167: one counts as distribution and the other toward the major. Both are prerequisites to all other Biology courses.


In advanced Biology courses (200, 300, and 400 levels), with at least 12 credits at the 300 level or higher. Course schedules to be approved by the Department's student adviser.


In general chemistry: CHE 166-167 and 168-169.


In organic chemistry: CHE 232-233 and 234-235.


In general physics: PHY 166*-167.*


In mathematics: Either MAT 175 and 176 or 175 and 231.

*Please note that the Physics Department has increased the credit requirements for this course to 5 credits.

Qualified students may also take BIO 450: Seminar in Biology; BIO 489: Introduction to Experimental Biology; BIO 490: Honors in Biological Sciences. Biology majors MUST consult with Departmental undergraduate advisers on completion of BIO 166 or 167 and when making course selections.

Last modified: 7/30/2015