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Bachelor of Business Administration B.B.A. (46-47 Credits)

The B.B.A. program equips students with the necessary managerial skills to function in today's rapidly changing business environment. The program, stressing the place of business organizations in the larger community, prepares its enrollees to meet this challenge by helping them develop appropriate technical, conceptual, and interpersonal competencies. The curriculum also emphasizes the role of non-profit and governmental organizations in societal life. As such, students majoring in this program are introduced to the art and science of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading the physical, financial, human, and informational resources of any and all organizations—private or public, for-profit or not-for-profit, corporate or entrepreneurial.

Departmental Credits (36 credits):

6 credits in economics: ECO 166, 167

6 credits in accounting: ACC 171, 272

6 credits in quantitative methods for business: BBA 303, 403

9 credits in management: BBA 204, 405, 407

9 credits in one area of concentration:

Finance: BBA 207, 308, 310

Marketing: BBA 332, 367, 467

Accounting: ACC 334, 335, 348

Human Resource Management: BBA 327, 328, 329

Business Law: BBA 336, 337 and 339

International Business: ECO 324, BBA 432, BBA 433

Business Economics: ECO 305, 326, 431

E-Business: BBA 333, 340, 433

Hospitality Management: BBA 345, 346, 347

Students who wish to elect a second concentration should consult with a Departmental advisor.

Credits in Other Departments (10-11 credits):

3 credits in ethical and legal responsibilities: PHI 330

3 credits in business writing: ENW 300

4-5 credits in mathematics: MAT 132 or 171 or 172 or 174 or 175

NOTE: All students are admitted to this major on a provisional basis. To maintain matriculation, the enrollees must attain a minimum cumulative index of 2.7 (B-) in the first four BBA-Pre-fixed courses they will have taken at Lehman College at first trial. Students who fail to maintain this minimum index will be removed from the BBA program.

Last modified: 7/30/2015