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Anthropology / Biology / Chemistry

Program Coordinator: Vincent H. Stefan (Davis Hall, Room 411/421-A)

Co-Director: Eric Delson

Cooperating Departments: Anthropology; Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences; History; Mathematics and Computer Science; Philosophy; Physics and Astronomy; and Psychology.

Anthropology (Physical), Biology, and Chemistry is an interdisciplinary major leading to the B.S. degree. The program serves several purposes: (1) to prepare students for specialization at the graduate level in one of several fields: human origins, human genetics, human growth, human adaptation, primatology, forensic anthropology, or criminalistics (forensic anthropology and criminalistic specializations utilize the facilities and staff of the Metropolitan Forensic Anthropology Team [MFAT] at Lehman College; MFAT personnel identify human skeletal and dental remains for law enforcement agencies, and students in these specializations receive practical experience through participation in MFAT investigations); (2) to prepare students for secondary-school teaching in the life sciences, with emphasis on human origins and biological variation in human groups; and (3) to prepare premedical and predental students.

Last modified: 7/14/2014