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Anthropology, B.A. (34-35 Credit Major)

The required courses and credits are distributed as follows:

Credits (34-35)


Required of all majors:


ANT 171: Introduction to Human Evolution (4)


ANT 211: Cultural Anthropology (3)


ANT 212: Ancient Peoples and Cultures (3)


ANT 269: Introduction to Human Variation (4)


ANT 228: Language and Culture (3) or ANT (LNG) 326: Anthropological Linguistics (3)


One additional course in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology, or Ethnography


One additional course in Archaeology


In other courses in Anthropology selected by the student, in at least one of which the student must elect to complete a significant writing component (approximately 15 pages minimum) in consultation with the instructor, and then confirm the details with the Department Adviser or Chair.


One advanced seminar/research course numbered above 449.

Last modified: 7/30/2015