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Aging (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Coordinator: Norma Phillips (Professor and Chair, Social Work)

Steering Committee: Luisa Borrell (Associate Professor, Health Sciences), Stephen Cavallo (Associate Professor and Chair, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences), Juan DeLaCruz (Assistant Professor, Economics & Business), Sharon Freedberg (Associate Professor, Social Work), Alan Kluger (Professor and Chair, Psychology), Patricia Kolb (Associate Professor, Social Work)

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Aging will engage students from all Departments across different Schools within the College in a common goal of scholarship in the area of aging; it will also prepare students interested in working professionally in the field of aging. A range of relevant courses representing the College's broad curricular offerings will be available to students to provide an understanding of aging from various perspectives. The Minor will be of interest to students who are majoring in several departments in the Natural and Social Sciences, including but not limited to Anthropology, Biology, Economics, Health Sciences, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology, as well as to students majoring in such Arts and Sciences disciplines as Art, History, Literature, Music, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. test

Degree Requirements

Students who declare a minor in Aging select four courses (12 credits) at the 200- and 300-level. At least six credits must be taken in 300-level courses or a higher-level course approved by the Program.

Students will select in consultation with their advisor from the following menu of relevant 3-credit courses offered in various departments in the Schools of Natural and Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities:

200-level courses:

PSY 219: Psychology of Adulthood and Aging

SOC 243: The Aged in Modern Society

SWK 242: Social Work Practice with Older Adults

Any relevant 200-level course approved by the Program.

300-level courses or a higher-level course approved by the Program:

ECO 313: Economics of Aging

HEA 310: Health and Aging

HEA 360: Special Topics in Health

SOC 343: Sociological Theories of Aging

SPV 300: Neurolinguistics of Aging

SWK 342: Social Welfare Policies in an Aging Society

Any relevant 300-level or higher course approved by the Program.

Last modified: 7/30/2015