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The Transer Coaching Program (TC) at Lehman College will soon come to an end.

This page will not be active after Friday, October 24, 2015.

Thank you for utilizing the TC Program: it's been a marvelous experience!


Transfer Coaches are peer mentors who assist new and returning transfer students with making a successful transition to Lehman College and into degree programs. In addition, Transfer Coaches work with faculty and staff to provide support in the creation and maintenance of ePortfolios to newly admitted transfer students. Transfer Coaches also facilitate department information sessions for major and pre-major transfer students. Transfer Coaches work with Student Affairs and Student Life to provide assistance with orientation, group advising, and assisted registration.

ePortfolios are online interactive projects that make the most of students’ creativity while teaching organizational and communication skills essential for academic success. Transfer student ePortfolios connect transfer students to other transfer students, transfer coaches, academic advising, faculty advisors, and Lehman resources in one convenient place.


Transfer Coaching Mission Statement

The Transfer Coaching Program is committed to improving the Lehman College transfer student experience through peer coaching and ePortfolios based on the Transfer STAR and Resiliency Principles models.

Virtual Transfer Center

The Virtual Transfer Center provides assistance to streamline the transfer process for a seamless transition to Lehman College.

Click here to visit the Virtual Transfer Center




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