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Student Health Center at Lehman College

New Students Taking Less Than 6 Credits 

Please submit your MMR records and Medical Requirements form, Part 1 completed and signed, electronically via our Student Health Portal.

Just log onto Lehman 360 using your Lehman email firstname.lastname and password, then click on the first app under Lehman Apps called Student Health Portal.

Regardless of your age, if you are taking less than 6 credits:

Enter the date of your meningitis (called Menactra or MCV4) vaccine given within the last 5 years OR meningitis waiver date on the portal. You do not need to submit MMR records.

Upload your meningitis documentation AND your Medical Requirements form with Part 1 completed and signed. (If you need a Medical Requirements form, you can download it from the "Forms" link of the portal or from the link on the prior web page.)

Note: Please allow up to 4 business hours for your records to be received, verified and for the immunization stop to be released in CUNY First. During that time, you can check your CUNY First Student Service Center to see if the negative indicator has been released as indicated in your "To Do" grey box or by the absence of the red stop indicator in the right upper corner.