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Special Academic Sessions

Summer Science at Lehman

The summer semester at Lehman College offers motivated student the opportunity to enroll in pre-requisite courses/sequences needed for medical school, nursing programs, and other pre-health programs. Students may opt to take a full year sequence or simply enroll in the course of their choosing.

Courses are available during the following terms:  4WK1: 6/1 – 7/6 and 4WK2: 7/11 – 8/10.

For the complete information about Lehman’s Summer Session, Visit the Special Academic Sessions home page.

Summer Course Sequences:


  • Principles of Biology: Cells and Genes (BIO 166, 4WK1, 4cr) and Principles of Biology: Organisms (BIO 167, 4WK2, 4cr)
  • Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 181, 4WK1, 4cr) and Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 182, 4WK2, 4cr)
  • Human Biology (BIO 183, 4WK1 and 4WK2, 4cr)
  • Mammalian Histology (BIO 227, 4WK1 and 4WK2, 4cr)
  • Microbiology (BIO 230, 4WK1 and 4WK2, 4cr)
  • Genetics (BIO 238, 4WK1, 4cr)


  • Essentials of General Chemistry (CHE 114/115, 4WK1, 4.5cr) and Introduction to Organic Chemistry (CHE 120/121, 4WK2, 4.5cr)  
  • General Chemistry I (CHE 166/167, 4WK1, 5cr.) and General Chemistry II (CHE 168/169, 4WK2, 5cr)
  • General Chemistry II (CHE 168/169, 4WK2, 5cr) and Organic Chemistry I (CHE 232/233, 4WK2, 5cr)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHE 232/233, 4WK1, 5cr) and Organic Chemistry II (CHE 234/235, 4WK 2, 5cr)
  • Introduction to Biochemistry (CHE 244/245, 4WK2, 5cr)
  • Labs may be waived for eligible students with permission


  • Introduction to Statistics (MAT 132, 4WK1 and 4Wk2, 4cr.)
  • Calculus I (MAT 175, 4WK1, 4cr.) and Calculus 2 (MAT 176, 4WK2, 4cr.)
  • Vector Calculus (MAT 226, 4WK1, 4cr.)
  • Algebra and Number Systems I (MAT 314, 4WK1, 4cr.)

Nursing (Pre-Nursing):

  • Growth and Development (HIN 268, 4WK1 and 4WK2, 3cr)
  • Analysis and Action for Community Health (HIN 269, 4WK1 and 4Wk2, 3cr)

Speech and Hearing Sciences

  • Language Acquisition (SPV 221, 4WK1, 3cr)
  • Articulatory Phonetics (SPV 245, 4WK2, 3cr)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (SPV 246, 4WK1, 3cr)
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (SPV 247, 4WK1, 3cr)
  • Acoustic Phonetics (SPV 248, 4WK1, 3cr)
  • Speech and Hearing science (SPV 249, 4WK2, 3cr)
  • Additional 300 level courses available as well. 

General Information

Lehman Summer

Each summer, Lehman offers approximately 800 undergraduate and graduate courses across the curriculum. More than 5,000 continuing, new, and visiting students attend Lehman each Summer. Courses are available day, evening, hybrid, and online.

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Application and Registration

Division of Arts & Humanities

Information for applying as a visitor, existing CUNY or Lehman student, registering for online courses, and tuition and fees information.

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