Title V Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI)


Program Objectives & Activities

The Sophomore Year Initiative (SYI) includes the following five programming objectives:

  • Increase student academic success as measured by course grades, semester and overall GPA, and credits earned each semester and overall
  • Increase student retention/persistence from first to second to third year
  • Increase percentage of first-time, full-time freshman (FTFTF) students who elect a major at 30 to 45 credits
  • Increase FTFTF rate of progress toward graduation and decrease time to graduation
  • Develop an academic profile of transfer students who enter with 15-45 credits and prepare strategies to implement in Year 3

The SYI program aims to achieve these objectives by implementing a number of well-coordinated, comprehensive activities:

Identify and support students who may be academically at-risk

  • Install and implement an early warning system to allow faculty to alert SYI support staff of students who are experiencing academic difficulty. 
  • Provide intrusive advising outreach, support, and appropriate referrals to students who earn less than a 2.0 GPA in order to facilitate the student’s ability to return to good academic standing and persist at Lehman.

Promote student development and success

  • Offer college major fairs and expand career/major workshop opportunities at Lehman
  • Offer personal skills development workshops to help students in areas of mastering college success skills, developing a long range academic plan (LRAP), overcoming perceived barriers to obtaining educational plans, cultivating relationships with faculty, and achieving financial literacy
  • Collaborate with the Office of Student Life to develop Pre-Major Clubs with an exploratory focus for students interested in pursuing specific majors and/or career paths
  • Enhance LEH 100 (a required course for freshman) to prepare students for success and persistence

Ensure students’ academic progression

  • Encourage regular individual advising meetings to facilitate the monitoring of student progression toward degree acquisition
  • Provide Pre-Registration Advising group meetings to ensure that students are well prepared to register the appropriate courses and number of credits to remain on track to graduate
  • Offer summer school courses and intensives to students who need to qualify for the next class level
  • Develop a campaign to encourage students to earn 30 credits per year
  • Assure that prerequisite courses have sufficient sections to accommodate sophomores
  • Institute a financial aid alert and advisement system

Identify and support the needs of transfer students

  • A transfer student database will be developed to analyze the needs of transfer students in order to inform interventions and practices to support adjustment and success as of Fall 2013.
  • Programming initiatives to support transfer students will be developed and implemented as of Fall 2014.


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