Instructional Staff Listing

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost: *Troy, Robert C. Professor

Academic Standards and Evaluation

Director Undergraduate Academic Advisement: Calvet, Liliana HEO
Academic Advisors: Martin, Linda HEa
Rosado, Rafael HEa
Sands-Baez, Denise HEa
Taha, Hebba HEa
Ward, Marc HEA
Transfer Coordinator: DeFour, Crystal aHEO
Retention and Articulation Specialist: Moalem, Lisa HEa

Academic Testing and Scholarships

Director, Academic Testing & Scholarships: Dames, Scott HEO
Senior Testing Coordinator, Academic Testing & Scholarships: Rigamonty, Oscar aHEO
Testing Coordinator, Academic Testing & Scholarships: Figueroa, Gloria aHEO


Director Admissions/Recruitment: Austin, Laurie HEO
Associate Directors, Admissions: Brown, Valerie HEA
Rivera, Carlos HEA
Assistant Directors, Admissions: Kallicharan, Jennifer HEa
Pacheco, Miguel HEa
Admissions Counselors: Vacant aHEO
Mancebo, Jose aHEO
Torres, Andrew aHEO
Morales, Erica aHEO
Transfer Coordinator: Rodriguez, Aurea HEa

College Now

Director, School/College Collaborative; Director, College Now, CUNY Middle Grades Initiative/GEAR UP: Baez, Pedro L. Grant
Coordinator, College Now: Gantz, David HEA
Program Assistant, College Now: Santiago, Griselda aHEO
Coordinator, CUNY Middle Grade Initiative/GEAR UP: Twomey, Erin Grant

Enrollment Research and Processes

Director of Enrollment Research and Processes: Mercado, Javiel HEO

Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies: Worth, Ann L. HEO
Graduate Studies Advisor: Vacant HEa


Senior Registrar: Capocci, John A. HEO
Deputy Registrar: Rosario, Yvette HEA
Associate Registrar: Lucente, John HEA
Manager, Course and Classroom Scheduling: Gonzalez-Gallardo, Milagros HEa
  Geiger,Jean HEa
Manager, Graduation and DegreeWorks: Luckhai, Tavita HEa
Manager, Records and Transcripts: Ali, Takiyah A. HEa
Manager, Semester Information: Berges, Suilan HEa

SEEK Advisement and Counseling

Director, SEEK Advisement & Counseling: Hernández, Annette HEO
Counselors/Lecturers: %Jones, Lisa  
%Navarro, Alberto (Doctoral)
%Zimmerman, Carrie  
Sub Counselor/Lecturer: Cole, Robert  
Counselors: Luna Pedro HEA
Holloway-Pinnock, Angelia HEA
Coordinator of SEEK Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction: Wilson, Jelani Sub-HEA

Special Academic Sessions

Director of Special Academic Sessions: Finger, Richard T. HEA


%Certificate of Continuous Employment

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