Instructional Staff Listing

Adult and Continuing Education

Adult and Continuing Education

Dean of Adult and Continuing Education: Jafari, Marzie A. Assistant Professor
Associate Dean of Adult and Continuing Education: Vacant  

Continuing Education

Director, Program Development Continuing Education: Harris, Deborah Grant
Coordinator, Adult Degree Program: Skolnik, Janet  
Registrar, Continuing Education: Drago-Dowling, Maryann HEA
Manager, Budget & Purchasing for Continuing Education: Soriano, Fanny HEA
Manager, Budget and Payroll: De Mesa, Wendy HEa
Director, Health Programs: Shockley, Carrie HEA
Assistant Director, Health Programs: Reaves, Joette aHEO
Director, Small Business Development Center: Stanley, Clarence HEA
Institutional Research & Information Manager: Mateo, Radhames HEa
Administrative Assistant: Perez, Brenda  
Site Manager CUNY on the Concourse: Garcia, Manuel J. aHEO
Office Manager: Ballena, Samuel Grant
%Certificate of Continuous Employment

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