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Sick Leave Accrual Policy

Posted 02/03/2005


As I am sure you are aware, the Research Foundation has mandated maximum allowable balances and carry-overs of time and leave accruals, while you are continuing to work on the same grant (account or project). The maximum allowable accrual for Temporary Disability Leave (Sick Leave) is 1120 hours. Once your sick leave balance reaches 1120 hours, the e–time program will suspend further accruals until such time that the balance falls below 1120 hours. Once the balance falls below 1120 hours, the e-time program will resume accruing until the 1120 hour maximum level is met.

For those employees whose balances currently display accrual levels above 1120 hours, any sick time taken will be deducted from that amount until the maximum accrual rate of 1120 is reached. This adjustment will be effective as of January, 1, 2005 or the first payroll in 2005.

Please note: Sick Leave, also known as Temporary Disability Leave, is to be used for the employee.s own personal illness exclusively and may not be taken to care for an ill family member. Sick Leave is subject to verification, as needed, by the Principal Investigator and/or Project Director. A sick leave of 5 consecutive work days is also subject to the Research Foundation.s Policy on FMLA and New York State Short Term Disability.

For more information on accruals, FMLA, NYS Disability, or any other employment matter, please contact me via email at or by telephone at 212-417-8685.

Sharon Brooks
Director of Client Services
Research Foundation, CUNY
555 W. 57th St., N.Y., N.Y. 10019

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