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Classroom Issues

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is an important issue. Therefore, it is vital that you understand all policies regarding academic integrity [PDF]. You can find details on academic integrity in our 2009-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin, which is available on Lehman College's website, and the Faculty Report Form For Suspected and/or Adjudicated Incidents of Academic Dishonesty. If you have any questions regarding this issue, contact the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluations at 718-960-8104.

It is recommended that both faculty and students read the CUNY Graduate Center document Avoiding and Detecting Plagiarism[PDF] for specific examples of various kinds of plagiarism.


The platform used by CUNY for online teaching is Blackboard. Blackboard also can be used to facilitate communication with students in your classrooms or to post syllabi and assignments. You are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the Blackboard system, which is available through the CUNY Portal or through

Book Orders and The Lehman Bookstore

Book orders for course texts are placed through the Lehman bookstore. Orders should be placed at least four weeks before the start of your course. For further information on how to place book orders, call the bookstore at 718-295-0800.

Campus Security and Personal Safety

If you witness behavior that threatens an individual or campus property, don't hesitate to contact Public Safety immediately at the Department's emergency number, 718-960-7777.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center (CSC) at Lehman College assists students by integrating career development, job opportunities, internships, and technology into their academic experiences. For further information on their services, visit the CSC offices in Shuster Hall, Room 254, or the Career Lab in Shuster Hall, Room 229.

Class Rosters

Class rosters are distributed by the Office of the Registrar. Rosters may change during the first weeks of class and are finalized approximately the last week of September for the fall semester or in February for the spring semester.

You can obtain from your department updated rosters prior to the final, which is distributed by the Registrar's Office.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center assists students with emotional, developmental, and psychological concerns that may be affecting their personal and academic growth. The Center serves the Lehman College community by providing individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, educational outreach, and supportive consultation to faculty, staff, and the administration. For further information about the Counseling Center's services, please visit the Center in the Old Gym Building, Room 114.

Disruptive Class Behavior

If students are engaged in any inappropriate, but non-threatening behavior, report it to the Office of Student Affairs, located in Shuster Hall, Room 206, or at 718-960-8241.

Duplicating and Copyrights

In order for copyrighted materials to be reproduced for classroom use, without infringement of the copyright, the materials must meet the tests for fair use, brevity, spontaneity, and cumulative effect. Copied materials should not substitute for the purchase of books or reprints, and a given set of materials should not be repeatedly used by the same instructor from semester to semester.

Copyright laws apply to microcomputer software.

Final Examinations

A written final classroom examination is required in every course and must be held at the time scheduled by the Registrar's Office. A graduating senior may be exempted from a final examination if the policy of the department or program is to exempt graduating seniors from final examinations. A student who misses a final examination in only one course required for graduation is entitled to a special exam, provided that the student has a passing Grade Point Average in the course.

A student who misses a final examination for valid reasons may, after consultation with the instructor, be given a makeup final exam. The instructor must report the student's final grade in the course to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of classes of the following semester.

Grading System and Related Policies

Please review Lehman’s policies on grading undergraduate students in our 2009-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin, which is available on Lehman College's website. If you have any questions regarding completion of the final grade-sheet, please consult with your Department Chair.

See also: Grade Appeals - Grading System I - Grading System II.

Grade Changes

The college form for grade changes originates with the instructor, and must be reviewed and signed by the Chair before being forwarded to the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation. The Chair ensures that the information provided is both complete and accurate.

The following samples are intended to provide guidelines for completing grade changes and A-1 forms in accordance with academic policies established by the Lehman College Senate, CUNY, and the New York State Department of Education. They are by no means inclusive, nor do they establish formal wording patterns. They do, however, suggest what constitutes appropriate and/or legal reasons for various types of recommendations. All grade changes require a reason. Even if the “clerical” box is checked, a note specifying the clerical error must be entered.

Change of one letter grade to another

Appropriate reasons:

  • Miscalculated average
  • Read wrong line in grade book

Inappropriate Reasons:

  • Submitted missing work - indicates original grade should have been INC
  • Submitted additional work - College policy does not allow additional work
  • Did extra-credit assignment - College policy does not allow additional work
  • Reevaluated work - explanation of error needed
  • Made up exam - indicates original grade should have been INC

Change from an Incomplete to a grade

The grade of Incomplete is awarded only when the course requirement has not been completed for good and sufficient reasons and when there is a reasonable expectation that the student can successfully complete the requirements of the course.

Appropriate Reasons:

  • Took make-up final
  • Submitted missing paper
  • Submitted missing lab project
  • Handed in final project
  • Clerical with an explanation of how the incomplete was given in error

Inappropriate Reasons:

  • Clerical (no reason) - indicates original grade was an error - explanation needed
  • Retook final - College policy does not allow additional work
  • Submitted extra work - same as above
  • Revised paper - same as above

Change of an Official Withdrawal (WU) to an F, to an Incomplete, or to a letter grade

The grade of WU is assigned by the Office of the Registrar as a result of a comment on the instructor's grade sheet. Normally the comment will indicate either that the student never attended or a specific last date of attendance. The comment “absent from final” will result in a WU. The comment “attended sporadically” may also result in the assignment of a WU. The grade is assigned by the Registrar because it is not intended to render an academic judgment. It carries the same academic penalty as an F, but does not reflect failing work. Rather it reflects a lack of attendance and communication.

Appropriate Reasons:

  • (Clerical) Misread grade book. Student attended all semester and earned a grade of ***.
  • Student was absent from the final and has now contacted me. An INC is in order. (This is only appropriate if the comment on the grade sheet is absent from a final, passing term average of ***.)

Inappropriate Reasons:

  • For a WU to an F or NC, clerical cannot be a reason, particularly if the comment on the grade sheet indicated a last day of attendance.
  • For a WU to a grade, any comment suggesting work submitted. If there is a reason why the WU should have been an INC, then a separate form must be submitted indicating a reason for the change. (Submission of attendance records may be required.)

Change of any grade to an Incomplete

Appropriate Reasons:

  • Student did not take a final, and a grade was given based on term average. Student has acceptable reason for missing the final.
  • Student did not hand in the final paper or lab project and has provided documentation of an appropriate reason. Grade calculated based on missing paper.

Inappropriate Reasons:

  • Student will resubmit the paper
  • Student will take make up exam
  • Student will do extra work

Instructional Support Service Program/Tutoring

It is important to identify students who may be in academic difficulty as early as possible. Students who may have a problem with literacy or assignments may be referred to the Instructional Support Service Program/Tutoring, located in the Old Gym Building.

Lehman Online

Lehman Online is a program that supports faculty interested in online teaching and provides instruction, connectivity, and equipment when needed.

Services for Students with Special Needs

You may receive notice from the Office of Special Student Services if a student with a disability is registered for one of your courses. If you have any questions about what constitutes reasonable accommodations, contact the Office of Special Student Services at 718-960-8441 or 718-960-8931 (TTY).

Student Course Evaluations

At the end of each course, students are given the opportunity to evaluate the course using a scan-sheet questionnaire. Course evaluations are an important part of decisions regarding tenure and the Certificate of Continuous Employment (CCE). It is important to see that these are conducted. Evaluation forms and scan-sheets are available in your Department at the end of each semester.

Ultimately, it is the Chair's responsibility to share the results of the evaluation with faculty prior to having them filed in the faculty personnel file. All student evaluations are to be included in the candidate's tenure and promotion files.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center, located in the T-3 building, provides office visits, physical examinations, women's health visits, men's health visits, immunizations, vaccinations, in-house lab testing, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medications for students, among other services.

Student Records and Confidentiality

If a person requests information about a student's performance, attendance, or any other personal information, refer him/her to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in Shuster Hall, Room 206, or at 718-960-8241.No faculty member should discuss personal student information with anyone other than the student.