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Website Services

The Media Relations Office provides content for the Lehman College homepage, as well as for several other sites. Most content on the site is provided by individual departments, which can use the Contribute tool to update these sites directly.

Requesting a New Website or Web Page

To request a new website or Web page, contact Web Content Editor Yeara Milton (718-960-7963/ in the Media Relations Office or Webmaster David Stevens (718-960-8745/ in Information Technology Resources (ITR).

Updating a Website

In order to use Contribute to directly update your website, the site must be designed in any of several templates that were created by the ITR Web Team, and staff must be trained in use of the tool. Contribute is available for installation from ITR. For more information on this process, contact either Yeara Milton in the Office of Media Relations & Publications ( / 718-960-7963) or David Stevens in ITR ( / 718-960-8745).

If you do not have Contribute, or if your site is not designed in one of the approved templates, you may send your changes in a Word attachment via e-mail to

Website Content & Policy Committee

The Website Content & Policy Committee was formed by President Fernández in 2007 to provide input and oversight from throughout the College over Lehman's ever-growing website. The Committee consists of representatives of each of the academic schools and administrative divisions, two student members, and ex officio staff from both the Media Relations Office and ITR. Each spring, the Committee conducts an audit through its representatives and site coordinators of the principal pages on the College's website.

ADC Calendar

Lehman’s Calendar of Events uses the Active Data Calendar (ADC) software. An open entry form is available at Instructions for submitting events is available at ADC-Data Entry Instructions.

Event contributors can choose from multiple categories that will “feed” events into multiple sites, including the CUNY calendar, the Lehman events calendar, and various departments and offices currently using ADC. All events are reviewed and approved by category owners.

If you wish your event to appear on the Lehman homepage, you must check the category labeled "Featured." If you wish your event to appear in the College's listing of campus events, as well as on the College's off-campus digital sign, you must check the category labeled "Campus Events."

For general instructions on using ADC, contact Yeara Milton in the Office of Media Relations (718-960-7963 /

For training in using ADC's administrative functions, category owners can contact David Stevens in Information Technology Resources (718-960-8745 /