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How to Comment Guidelines

About Making Comments

We welcome a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions; however we ask that you abide by some simple rules.

  • Do not resort to personal abuse. You may disagree with the content of a post or with other readers’ comments, but do not attack anyone personally. Do not libel or defame anyone or violate their privacy.
  • Keep your comments succinct and stay on topic. Comments that bear no relation to the story will be deleted.
  • Use your legal name as your identity.
  • Do not use foul language. And don't try to camouflage profanity with asterisks or other symbols or foreign phrases.
  • Avoid hate speech. Racist rants or defamatory statements about any group will be deleted. Especially offensive violations of this guideline may result in an immediate ban from making future comments on our site.
  • Do not use threatening language.
  • Use Standard English grammar and observe accepted rules for capitalization, punctuation and spelling. Do not post a comment using all capital letters.
  • Do not post spam or advertising of any kind; violators will lose their registration and be unable to comment again.
  • Do not add images to your comments.
  • Do not report comments as abusive simply because you disagree with them. Report them only if they violate these guidelines.