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What is SEEK?

Our Mission

The SEEK Program promotes the academic, personal and vocational development of SEEK students at Lehman College. SEEK fulfills this mission through its programs and activities to provide admission to a previously underserved population and to actively support SEEK student learning, performance, persistence and graduation.

SEEK is a CUNY educational opportunity program. It is a vehicle to get into college, like the College Discovery Program (CD), Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), and Education Opportunity Program (EOP).

Since 1968, the SEEK Program has given thousands of New York City students a chance to study at Lehman College (CUNY). The SEEK Program allows New York City students who demonstrate academic promise and economic need, but who do not meet traditional admissions requirements, to enroll in four-year CUNY colleges.
All SEEK students receive the following support services designed to enrich their college experience:

  • Individual counseling on academic, personal, career, and financial matters
  • Intensive academic support, including tutoring, small-group course reviews, and study skills training
  • Supplemental financial aid for college-related expenses including fees, books, and supplies

Is SEEK for You?

Maybe you didn't think you could make it to college because your grades did not reflect your true abilities and maybe you thought you could not afford college. If so, you should consider applying to the City University of New York through the SEEK Program.

SEEK applicants must meet the Academic and Financial criteria set up by the College and the State (**PDF file missing - FIX ME**)

Once enrolled, SEEK students become full-fledged members of the Lehman College community. They have exactly the same curricular and graduation requirements as other Lehman students. The only difference is that they qualify for supplemental support services based on their academic promise and economic criteria.

To apply, you will need to fill out an online CUNY admissions application. Be sure to complete the section of the application titled "SEEK/CD".

To see if you are eligible for the SEEK Program, please contact the SEEK Program counselor at (718) 960-7979 or e-mail us at