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Department Chair: Pamela Mills (Davis Hall, Room 302)

Graduate Advisor: Naphtali O'Connor (Davis Hall, Room 326)

Department Faculty and Staff: Professors: Iraj Ganjian, Marc S. Lazarus, Gustavo Lopez, Pamela Mills, Anny Morrobel-Sosa, Manfred Philipp; Associate Professor: Andrei Jitianu; Assistant Professors: Thomas Kurtzman, Prabodhika Mallikaratchy, Naphtali O'Connor; Chief College Laboratory Technician: Sharif Elhakem; Senior College Lab Technicians: Bibi N. Gafur, Habib Girgis; College Laboratory Technician: Amarante Sarswati

The Department of Chemistry participates in the Biochemistry, Biology, and Chemistry doctoral programs of the Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York. A description of these programs, including admission requirements, may be found in the Bulletin of The Graduate School of The City University of New York. Non-laboratory courses are usually given at the Graduate Center. Research leading toward the doctoral degree may be pursued at either Lehman College or any of the other senior colleges of the City University.

Last modified: 8/4/2015