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Educational Leadership Advanced Certificate Admission Requirements

Note: Students admitted every fall semester; applications due by March 1.

  1. A master's degree in a related field (e.g., teaching and school counseling) from an accredited college or university;
  2. A minimum 3.0 (B) Grade Point Average from a completed graduate degree program;
  3. New York State permanent or professional certification in classroom teaching, school counseling, school psychology, school social work, or the equivalent;
  4. A minimum of three years of successful P-12 teaching and/or school counseling, school psychology, or school social work experience;
  5. Three letters of recommendation: at least one must be from a current or former school site supervisor who can best evaluate the candidate's potential as a district leader, and at least one must be from a faculty member from prior studies who can best evaluate the candidate's potential for success as a graduate student;
  6. A current resume detailing all past professional employment and any community or professional organization leadership positions, memberships, and service; and
  7. A 1000-word essay that discusses the following: a) reasons for wanting to pursue a degree and certification as a school district leader; b) candidate's philosophy on excellence in urban educational leadership, including the specific characteristics that contribute to effective leadership; c) current assessment of the state of educational leadership in urban schools, including what appears to be the greatest challenges and suggestions for overcoming these challenges; and d) brief analysis of a current educational policy, discussing its pros/cons and its impact on urban districts.

Candidates who satisfy the preliminary admissions requirements will be invited to a group interview.

Last modified: 7/27/2015