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Lehman College

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Non-instructional Fees

Graduate Application Fee

$125 (Effective Fall 2005) Nonrefundable

Student Activity Fee

$74.60 Full-time (Fall and Spring)


$54.60 Part-time (Fall and Spring)


$38.10 (Summer Session)

Technology Fee

$125.00 Full-time (Fall and Spring)


$62.50 Part-time (Fall and Spring)

Consolidated Service Fee
(all students without exception)


Maintenance-of-Matriculation Fee (required to maintain academic status):

New York State residents


Out-of-state residents


Special Examination Fee: When make-up final exam for one course is taken after scheduled final class exam


Each additional makeup exam taken during that semester


Transcript-of-Record Fee


(NOTE: No fee is charged for transcripts sent between City University units.)

Duplicate Bursar Receipt


Duplicate CUNY Card


Duplicate diploma or certificate in lieu of a duplicate diploma


Qualifying Examination Fee (for granting credit for courses taken outside CUNY or for pre- or corequisites waived for required courses, per exam)


Cooperating Teachers Fee


Change-of-Program Fee (for students who change their schedule of classes after it has been approved and recorded)


Late-Registration Fee


Nonpayment Service Fee (for students who are delinquent in making payment of any amount due after the scheduled due date)


Readmission Fee


(NOTE: Students who apply to return to the College after an absence of one semester or more (exclusive of summer session) are required to pay this fee to be readmitted to the same unit. The charge is applicable whether or not a student has taken a formal leave of absence. Not applicable to students who have paid graduate Maintenance-of-Matriculation fees for semesters during which they did not take courses. Readmission is only for Matriculated students.)

Payment Reprocessing Fee


(Charge for those students who have previously submitted checks payable to the College that were not honored by their banks: students who do not make a check good by a given date will be required to satisfy their obligations and pay the applicable reprocessing fee plus a nonpayment service fee.)

Cooperating teachers may be granted tuition waivers of up to 6 credits (two valid certificates) per semester, limited to a maximum of 18 credits. For courses for which tuition is waived, charges for excess contact hours are also waived. Tuition waivers may be granted to residents and nonresidents and are applicable to graduate courses and undergraduate courses. (They are exempt from payment of the Student Activity Fee, but must pay the Consolidated Service Fee and Technology Fee.)

Cooperating teachers who take credits in excess of those waived are required to pay tuition at applicable regular rates for the additional credits.

Last modified: 8/4/2015