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A completed application for matriculation consists of the application form, official college transcripts of all past undergraduate and graduate work, letters of recommendation as required by the individual department, and, in some instances, test scores, i.e., the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and, in some programs, an interview or audition. The number of recommendations required, the topic(s) and format of the application essay, the particular test required, and whether or not a personal interview or audition is required can be determined by referring to the portions of this bulletin that describe the individual graduate programs.

Completed applications must be on file in the Admissions Office by April 1 (Speech-Language Pathology and Master of Public Health, March; Social Work, March 15) for the fall semester; November 1 for the spring semester. The Speech-Language Pathology, Social Work, Public Health, Educational Leadership,and Counselor Education Programs accept applications only for fall admissions. Spring admission for Speech-Language Pathology depends on availability of seats. For more information, call the department at 718-960-8138, or the Graduate Admissions Office at 718-960-8702.

Admission to matriculated status requires review by the particular department the applicant wishes to enter. Only completed applications are put forward for faculty review.

Last modified: 3/10/2015