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Interruption of Studies

Although students are encouraged to make steady progress toward their master's degrees, absence for one or more semesters may be unavoidable. In order to resume their studies following an absence of any length, matriculated graduate students must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions (Shuster Hall, Room 150) to complete the appropriate application and pay the application fee.

Matriculated graduate students returning after a leave of absence are subject to any changes made to their master's degree program in their absence and must satisfy all degree requirements. In addition, returning graduate students must consult with their program adviser to determine if any of their previous coursework is out of date and to discuss their future course of study.

Students seeking readmission after the absence of one or more semesters, up to three years, must file a Graduate Application for Readmission.

Following an absence of three or more years, previously matriculated graduate students must reapply to the College by submitting a new application. Upon re-acceptance into the program, the curriculum year and time limit for earning a master's degree will be reset and updated to the current semester. Students must then adhere to the current curriculum plan and policy standards. Any coursework older than seven years from the current term of re-acceptance into the master's degree program will not count towards the degree curriculum.

Students who have been absent for over seven years may not reapply to an incomplete program. See Seven Year Inactivity policy.

Non-matriculated graduate students must reapply to the College by submitting the Graduate Application for Non-Degree Admission and pay the application fee following an absence from the College of any length.

Last modified: 8/4/2015