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Advanced Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GISc)

The Advanced Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GISc) consists of 17-20 credits of graduate-level coursework, and builds on the strengths of Lehman's Masters of Science Program in GISc (MS-GISc). This Certificate is designed to attract and prepare professionals in the New York City metropolitan region and beyond who work in the various fields involving spatial information, such as urban planning, environmental management, public health, engineering, and sustainable development, for new or augmented careers incorporating GISc. It is intended to give the students the opportunity to develop or upgrade their skills and knowledge of GISc especially as applied to their particular fields. The GISc Certificate Program courses also can be applied toward the MS-GISc graduate degree if the courses comply with the College's transfer of credit or change of degree policies.

The admission requirements for the Advanced GISc Certificate are as follows:

  • a minimum of 3.0 GPA in previous coursework at the post-secondary level;
  • submission of all undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts;
  • submission of academic or professional letters of recommendation (two minimum);
  • a current CV; and
  • a personal essay or statement about your interest in GISc and the MS-GISc Program at Lehman College.

Two Required Courses (8 Credits)

  • GEP 605 Special Projects in GISc (4 credits)
  • GEP 690 Workshop in GISc Research (4 credits)

9-12 Credits to be chosen from the following elective courses:

  • GEP 504 Basic Mapping Science (3 credits)
  • GEP 505 Principles of GISc (3 credits)
  • GEP 602 Biogeography and GISc (4 credits)
  • GEP 606 Raster Analysis (3 credits)
  • GEP 610 Spatial Analysis of Urban Health (3 credits)
  • GEP 620 Demography and Population Geography with GIS (3 credits)
  • GEP 621 Principles and Applications in Remote Sensing (4 credits)
  • GEP 630 Geostatistics and Spatial Analytical Concepts (3 credits)
  • GEP 631 Advanced Remote Sensing (4 credits)
  • GEP 632 Environmental Health and GISc (3 credits)
  • GEP 635 Natural Hazards and Risk Analysis (4 credits)
  • GEP 640 Urban Geography and GISc (3 credits)
  • GEP 641 Digital Image Analysis (4 credits)
  • GEP 650 Topics in regional geography and applied mapping analysis (4 credits)
  • GEP 660 Analytical Cartography and Scientific Visualization (4 credits)
  • GEP 662 Programming for GISc (3 credits)
  • GEP 664 Spatial Database Management (3 credits)
  • GEP 675 Field Surveying, GPS, and Data Acquisition Methods (3 credits)
  • GEP 680 Emerging Issues and Methods in GISc (3 credits)
  • GEP 689 Methods Seminar in GISc (3 credits)

(Other courses may be substituted with department permission.)

Last modified: 8/4/2015