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Dual Degree: B.A./M.S. in Biology

Students enrolled in the B.A./M.S. degree program have the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Science in Biology degree in as little as five years. The curriculum is composed of two tracks that allow students to choose between Track One: Tutorial Option and Track Two: Thesis Option.

5-Year Combined B.A./M.S. Biology


(Year 1-4) 120 credit B.A. in Biological Sciences. Winter and Summer Sessions must be used. In the first and second year, students must take the math, chemistry, and physics prerequisites.

(Year 4) Three, 4 credit (12 credits) M.S. courses taken for dual credit in both degrees. Student graduates in June.

(Year 5) Enrolled in M.S. program in tutorial track (34 credits, 12 of which are satisfied in year four, which includes 4 credits of BIO 792.2). Students may graduate by September 1.

34 M.S. Credits in Track 1

(12 credits) Three M.S. courses in year 4 (For example: BIO 634: Cell Biology and Electron Microscopy, BIO 618: Problems in Ecology, BIO 644: Biological Chemistry)

(16 credits) Six M.S. courses in year 5 (For example: BIO 646: Statistics for Biological Research, BIO 642: Molecular Biology, BIO 710: Microbial Physiology, BIO 630: Seminar in Biology, BIO 660: Seminar in Biology)

(6 credits) Two tutorial courses in year 5 (BIO 792.1 and BIO 792.2)


(Year 1 - 4) 120 credit B.A. in Biological Sciences. Winter and Summer Sessions must be used. BIO 489 (taken twice). BIO 490 in senior year. In years 1-2 student must take the math, chemistry & physics prerequisites.

(Year 3) Research adviser chosen in Spring term.

(Year 4) 12 credits three M.S. courses taken for credit in both degrees. Must take BIO 489 in Fall and BIO 489 & BIO 490 in Spring. Graduation in June with Honors, having completed a research project under faculty sponsor.

(Year 5) Enrolled in M.S. program in thesis track (30 course credits, 12 of which are satisfied in year 4). BIO 799.1 (1 credit) and 799.2 (2 credits) with possibility of BIO 799.3 (3 credits). Defense of thesis and graduation by September 1.

30-32 M.S. Credits in Track 2

(12 credits) Students must take three M.S. courses in year four (For example, BIO 634, BIO 618, BIO 644)

(12-14 credits) Students must take three- four M.S. courses in year 5 (For example, BIO 646, BIO 642, BIO 710, BIO 660)

(6 credits) Students must take three thesis research courses (BIO 799.1, 799.2, & 799.3)

Note 1: This program will allow the students to finish 1-2 years earlier than they would if they did a separate B.A. followed by a M.S. Additionally, this program provides students with extensive research experience, which will make them more competitive for jobs and graduate doctoral programs and medical programs.

Note 2: To be eligible for the 5-year program, all students must demonstrate an interest in, demonstrated achievement in, or affinity for biology. This will be determined by having a minimum of 48 semester hours of mathematics and sciences study, including MAT 175 with a GPA of 3.0. Candidates must apply to the program no later than the first semester of their junior year and may apply as early as the second semester of their sophomore year.

The accelerated pace is made possible by offering qualified students the opportunity to take masters level courses during their final year of undergraduate work. Students qualify by demonstrated attainment of a GPA of 3.0 in mathematics and science coursework as well as a GPA of 3.25 in the major through the first three years of study, and by completing all of the necessary prerequisites for those courses, which will ensure that they are prepared for graduate-level work.

Last modified: 8/4/2015