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NUR 774Advanced Family Nursing Practice I - Using a nursing science framework

3 lecture, 12 clinical laboratory hours /week; 6 credits. Within a nursing science and family/community systems framework, the focus of this course is upon delivery of primary care to culturally diverse families during the childbearing years. Development from conception through young adulthood will be viewed from the perspective of urban family life. Concepts from epidemiology, community health, nursing and family theories will be incorporated throughout. Clinical experiences, will provide opportunities for students to promote health and prevent illness; diagnose, treat, and manage children's health. Implementation of clinical decision making, interventions and health care protocols emphasizing early detection, control and/or resolution of the acute phase of children' health problems in a variety of ambulatory care settings To provide knowledge and application of theory and skills of primary care of children's levels of health required for the family nurse practitioner as a primary health care provider. Case studies and seminars will supplement the didactic instruction. PREREQ: NUR 773: Advanced Health Assessment, NUR 767: Advanced Pharmacology, NUR 766: Advanced Pathophysiology.

Last modified: 8/4/2015