Financial Aid

Navigating Your Financial Aid Screens on the CUNY Portal

  • Check the Status of Your Financial Aid Application
  • Find Out About Your Financial Aid Award
  • View FAFSA Errors and Find Out How To Resolve Them
  • Complete the CUNY Supplement Form
  • Print Out Your Verification Worksheet

For additional help, read Signing on to the CUNY Portal.






The CUNY Portal is a gateway to CUNY applications, services and CUNY resources. With a single sign on you can access many CUNY applications. This brochure will help you access your Financial Aid Information using the CUNY Portal.

Logging in to the CUNY Portal

Go to the CUNY homepage at and log in to the CUNY Portal. Enter your Username and Password and click on the Log-in button.

Viewing Your Financial Aid Information Online

Once you have logged in to the CUNY portal, the My Page screen will be shown.

Click on CUNY's Online Center for Admissions and Financial Aid under the heading Apply to CUNY as shown below.







Click on Financial Aid to the left of the screen to expand the view to enable you to access Student info, Application Status, Awards and a Financial Aid Glossary.










Click on Student Info on the left side bar to display your Student Information screen, shown below.





Application Status Page

Click on Application Status on the left to display your Application Status screen. From this screen you will be able to:

  • Find out if your FAFSA is complete and if it is, you could find out your award by clicking on the Awards Page link. If your FAFSA is not complete you could find out the additional information required, when you click on the FAFSA/CUNY Errors page link.
  • Find out your New York State TAP/APTS award by clicking on the Awards Page link. If your application has errors or is incomplete, click on the link You will be directed to the HESC home page. Then click on Applying for Aid and then on Applications to find out information about your application and award.
  • File your CUNY Financial Supplement by clicking on the CUNY Supplement link.
  • View your current CUNY Financial Aid Application Data by clicking on the link in the box towards the bottom of the screen.
  • Access a loan request form by clicking on the link Direct Loan Request Form. Complete your loan and entrance interview online. If you cannot access the request form for your school, you should go your school's financial aid office.






Award Summary Page

If you click on the Awards Page link, the Award Summary page will be shown. This screen will display your Federal Pell, and NYS TAP. Additional awards will be displayed if you are receiving them, such as Work Study, Perkins loans, Direct Federal Loans and FSEOG.

The amount of Pell and TAP grants for different course loads will also be displayed. This will show the changes that will occur if you drop or add classes.

If you are not eligible for a TAP award or a Pell grant the reason(s) will be displayed. For example, that your EFC is too high to receive a Pell grant.







Loan Information

If you requested Direct Loans, the information will be displayed on the Award Summary page. It will show if the loan has been processed.







If you click on the link Loan 1 etc. you will see further information about the loan as shown below.





CUNY Financial Aid Supplement Form

To fill out and submit your CUNY Supplement Financial Aid form, click on CUNY Supplement on the Application Status page.







On your Application Status or Awards Summary Page there will be a link to the error page (FAFSA/CUNY Errors page) if your FAFSA or TAP application was incomplete, you had errors, or you were selected for verification.





If you were selected for verification there will be a link on this page to the Verification Worksheet. You must print and complete this form, as shown below and submit it to the financial aid office at your school.

Verification Worksheet







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