Dan Kabat

Lehman College
Department of Physics and Astronomy
250 Bedford Park Blvd. W
Bronx, NY 10468

Office: Gillet 131
(718) 960 - 8773


I'm currently serving as chair of the physics department.


Most of my research is on gravitational aspects of string theory, in particular the AdS/CFT correspondence. The ultimate goal of this research is to understand quantum gravity, including quantum properties of black holes, in a mathematically well-defined setting.

Why strings? (a short non-technical account of my research interests)

"Strings, gauge theory and gravity": a colloquium I gave a few years ago (in PDF format)

A recent copy of my cv and a somewhat dated statement of my research interests (also PDF)

My publication list, available from the inSPIRE database

My on-line publications, available from the e-print archive


I've taught a variety of undergrad physics courses at Lehman: conceptual physics, college physics, modern physics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics. I've also taught quantum field theory and particle physics at the CUNY grad center.

The particle physics course resulted in a set of lecture notes.
"Introduction to high energy physics" (235 pages, PDF format, 2.2MB)