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These narratives were submitted by teens and edited for publication on Band-Aides. Parents and the experts below gave permission for pictures, e-mail links and stories. I think that you'll learn, as I did,  that these are normal kids who've been growing up in some quite unusual and often 'abnormal' situations because of their medical problems. Many of them have become experts in dealing with diagnostic tests, repeated hospitalizations, complex medication regimes and multiple surgeries. All of them have a lot to teach the world about kindness and courage and coping. Thanks for letting them tell you their stories.

Maddy: an adventure in mountain climbingMaddy: An adventure in mountain climbing
Rebecca: sports and the letter SRebecca, sports and the letter S
Alexis the webmasterAlexis the webmaster 
Adam and his pipesAdam and his pipes 
Katie and the mystery diseaseKatie and the mystery disease 
Danny and Rett syndromeDani and Rett Syndrome 
Determinated HeatherHeather and her determination
Megan: matters of the heartMegan: matters of the heart
Laura: bone marrow and meLaura: bone marrow and me
Georgianna hates kidney stonesGeorgianna hates kidney stones
Liz: AVM and meLiz: A story about AVM and me
Emmah copes with bipolar diseaseEmmah copes with a bipolar disorder
Natalie and her mild packageNatalie and her "mild"  package
Joe the explorer and his a wordsJoe the explorer and his "A" words
Stephanie: the Energizer bunnyStephanie: the Energizer bunny
Lily and the pumping brigadeLily and the pumping brigade
Kelly: my illness has a nameKelly: my illness has a name
Jayme's got a lot to sayJayme's got a lot to say
Nava is one in about 14,000Nava is one in about 14,000!
Rachel: it's always somethingRachel: It's always something
Tonia: biceps and a smileTonia: Biceps and a smile!
Betsy and the injury that just won't go awayBetsy and the injury that just won't go away
Shannon explains the hardest partShannon explains the hardest part
Jen, the queen of operationsJen, the queen of operations
Jackie, who will be finding a cureJackie, who will be finding a cure
Marina, against all oddsMarina...against all odds
Ashley: body aches and painsAshley's coping with body aches and pains
Lacey: her life is an open bookLacey, her life is an open book
Jamie and her puzzling skin problemJamie and her puzzling skin problem
Jackie, who will be finding a cureAmity's got wheels
Kelly wants to be a pediatricianKelly wants to be a pediatrian
Oriana is filled with SplenderOriana is filled with 'Splender'
Bethany wishes upon starsLindsay and her alphabet soup
Sophie: all about her battle scarsSophie: all about her battle scars
Jenny defines herself as Big BenJenny defines herself as Big Ben
Minna's got wheelsMinna's got wheels, too!
Jen, the queen of operationsMegan's an honor student
Bethany wishes upon starsBethany wishes upon stars
Marina, against all oddsChristina is a biology whiz!
Jackie, who will be finding a cureLitaya loves to laugh
Ashley: body aches and painsBeyond Heather's heart
Minna's got wheelsLauren's fed up with all the niggly little problems
Chantal copes with a "secret syndrome"Chantal copes with a "stupid syndrome"
Matt, his pets and his peevesMatt, his pets and his peeves

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