A Bright and Sunny Day in July

It was a bright and sunny day in July,
When we got the news that my brother might die. 

My dad was on the phone all night, 
Boy, did his tone of voice give me a fright.

My parents sat on the couch, my mom started to cry.
And they told us the news, my brother and I. 

This couldnít be happening, it couldnít be true!
We were leaving for Utah in two days.  Just two.

They told us that Kyle had A.L.L.
Didnít know what it was, but leukemia rang a bell.

They went to the hospital the very next day,
While I stayed at the beach; my blue eyes gray.

It was amazing how everyone offered a hand,
But all I could do was just sit in the sand.

My grandparents and I wanted to see,
But it wasnít much fun with all those IVís. 

We went back to the beach, after saying goodbye, 
And I sat on the bed, and I started to cry.

This was supposed to be my special time,
It was my birthday after all, I need to remind!

Instead, he was getting all of the good things,
Now I know there is more that this monster brings.

Though I didnít receive as many gifts as did he, 
Through it all my good friends were there for me .

I'd never get through without those whom I love,
And without blessed help from the One up above.

Sometimes I wish we could just go back,
To parties and games and even Wolf Pack.

Trips fill the time now to CCMC,
But I guess itís not such a bad place to be.

Since this whole thing began almost two years ago, 
Iím amazed at how much Iíve both changed and grown.

At first, it was hard when they mentioned his name, 
Yet now I am able to go on with my games. 


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Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, Lehman College, CUNY
Bronx, New York 10468

Last updated: November 14, 2004