I Have the Courage

    I cannot speak,
      but you understand me.
    I cannot walk, so you push me.
    I cannot sing, but I love music.
    I cannot crawl, so you carry me.
    I cannot tell jokes, but I love to laugh.
    I cannot wash myself, so you bathe me.
    I cannot play with Barbies,
    but I can push a switch.
    I cannot wave bye-bye,
    so you do that for me.
    I cannot dress myself, 
      so you make me pretty.
    I cannot read, so you tell me stories.
    I cannot touch, but I can feel.
    I cannot go up the stairs,
       so you put me on the lift.
    I cannot tell you how much I love you,
            so look into my eyes and you will see.
    I cannot tell what the future will hold,
      but I have the courage to go on.

                 For Reba, from your sister
                    Jennifer Robles