OK, try this one. Take a straw and put one end of it under your arm, and the other end, well, when the nurse or doctor comes into your room, sneak the other end in your mouth and blow as hard as you can. The noise will make your visitors take off, pronto!

When your doctor tells you about some operation you need to have, ask, "when will I be able to play the piano?" Suppose the answer you get is "as soon as  you go home". Then you can say, "that's great, I never knew how to play before!" 
Superglue one end of a long piece of thread to a quarter. Position the coin on the floor right outside your hospital room. Take the other end of the thread and hide around the corner in your room. When somebody spies the coin in the hall and bends down to pick it up, tug on your end of the thread so that the coin jumps away, out of reach.



Read your nurses' and doctors' minds!

If you've been having a tough time throwing up in the hospital, paint a bull's eye in the emesis basin. Might as well gain some skill while you're at it...and it might make it not seem quite so terrible!

How about asking the nurses and doctors if they have holes in their underwear? When they tell you, "of course not", just scratch your head and say, "that's amazing...how in the world do you get your legs in them?"

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