The Medicine tells you how to apply for free prescription medicines by completing a form. Here are the rules: Your child must not have insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs; you must not qualify for a government program which provides for prescription medication like Medicaid; and your income must be at a level causing hardship when you need to purchase the medicine from your pharmacy at retail price. is another website providing free prescription drugs...supported by the PhRMA (Pharamceutical and Research Manufacturers of America) and participating pharmaceutical companies. Your doctor or nurse practitioner can use this website in order to obtain the prescription drugs. is like in that it is used by health professionals who are applying for free prescription drugs on behalf of qualified, uninsured patients. There is a downloadable form that your doctor or nurse practitioner can fill out on your behalf. lists specific pharmaceutical companies which participate in free prescription drug programs.

Needy is another website worth checking out. It is extremely easy to navigate and provides a list of drug companies participating in give-away programs as well as other useful information.

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