Once upon a time my father died.
It was a long, long time ago.
Ten years long ago,
But I remember every night
In the air,
And the sky.
All the way down by the sunset I remember.
I believe that Dad can fly like an eagle every night
And that every day, he can be anywhere he wants.
I remember him in my head, saying
"Close your eyes, my daughter
I will always be right by your side
Because I love you so much."

And here's a poem I wrote, 
when I was 19 years old...Now I'm 21!

The birds are eating the food 
from the ground and 
I criss cross by the ocean water
I look up at  the  mountains
At  the  sky  and  I  see  the  sunset
I  feel peaceful.


I'm an angel!

Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, 
Lehman College, CUNY

Last updated: December 15, 2004