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I just wanted to send you a personal note to THANK YOU for this wonderful website! Please keep up the fantastic job you are doing!!  You provide an invaluable resource to not only the children living with a chronic or debilitating illness, but their parents and teachers as well.

I think your site is sensational on many levels--a true gift to others-- and I would like to tell others about it so they can discover it, too.

I loved, loved, loved your site!!!!.  I'm so glad my 12 yr old son told me about it... I always teach him there are still good people in this world.  You just have to keep looking...  You must be a great person to do such a charitable act for others.  We wish you the all the best life has to offer and most of all

I accidentally came across this web page.  Thankfully I should say.  I have a nephew who has a chronic blood disorder and is having surgery in a couple of weeks.  He has been going through an emotional roller coaster.  I gave this site to my brother in hopes that it helps.  How wonderful this page was.  I am an adult and cried reading these stories from these children. 

I began looking through these pages 2 weeks ago on a mission to analyze your website for a paper I had to write for my college english class.  I was extremely impressed with all the information. When I was younger my best friend died of leukemia, and because of that, my interest in learning about children with medical problems is high.  Thank you so much for this site. My life is better because  of it.

I want to thank you for your site.  I have a four month old daughter who was born with lots of medical problems.  We still don't have everything diagnosed yet and it seems we will be dealing with doctors for quite a long time.  It is difficult to imagine what her future holds for her.  Reading the stories of these kids gave me the first bit of hope that I have had since this ordeal began.  It is nice to know that there is a chance for my baby girl to grow up happy, despite the medical problems that she will have to deal with.  She has a beautiful smile and is such a happy girl, I am glad to know that she may be able to keep her happiness despite the fact that she will not grow up the same way as a  "normal" child.  Thank you again.

I surfed by while looking for information on adolescent health... I'm stunned by the excellence of your site...You're an inspiration ... I'm passing on the site to pediatric nurse friends...

Hiya!  Id just like to say that I think your site is the best on the net by far. It helps teenagers feel like they're not alone. Keep up the great work!  I'll certainly tell my friends about your site because I think it would be of great interest to everyone, medical conditions or not! Thanx a million. 

Hi- I'm so impressed. I've been looking up ceu's for lpn  requirements, and came across your site.  I work in-home with CHARGE syndrome children and my world is full of markers , crayons, videos, dolls that are dressed and undressed- you get the picture. Combine hyperactivity with this and you have a view of my long day.. Love your frogs, stars and bright colors. Keep up the good work!!

This site was inspirational for all the hope and joy these children have brought. It is great that you put other information for siblings and also ways to deal with the outside world since it can be a scary and frightening place...I know it is for me since I have my own health problems to contend with.  I hope this site sticks around.

This is such a wonderful site!!  I haven't even got to read half of it have done a wonderful job.  I stayed up late last night e-mailing this site to every teacher, aide, resource person in my son's school.

I just thought I would drop a line and let you know that I love your site! I imagine you have heard this many times already....but who gets tired of compliments :)

I was really touched by your website. I haven't had time to look over the whole site yet. I am a moderator for the Child and Adolescent Foundation for Bi-polar kids. Many of our kids are severely handicapped by their illness and isolated. They take serious medications such as depakote, respirdal, tegretol, seroquel, etc. They are often misunderstood by peers, educators and even professional. In our chat room we support parents daily who being blamed for their childrens problems are themselves on the verge of nervous collapse. We try to support them and steer them to the proper resources. I believe that your site would be very helpful to kids and parents, often our kids are hospitalized too. I played the dophin music and that song "higher than an eagle" is one of my all time favorites. Thank you for the love that comes through your website.

Thank you so very much for yor web site. I am a teen with a chronic illness. A chronic illness without a name. Fortunately for me I was reading the story about Kelly and her story sounded familliar. So I clicked on the links and I started reading the symptoms. I got so excited I figured I'd better call my mom so that she can tell me if this is me. See, I'm too involved to give a good opinion. My mom read and read. So now were going to contact my doctor so that she can start running the tests that might give my illness a name. Finally, after 13 years there might be some answers out there for me. Thank you. You've given me hope. Please continue to spread the word about kids and chronic illness,

Just wanted to tell you how moved I was when I read the letter from the Dolphin to a child on your site. I'm looking after my Dad who is very ill...and has been for some time now...I only wish he could hear this made me cry. Thank you so much

Your website brought tears to my eyes! Kudos for your bright pages, and attention to what could make kids smile! I am looking for resources for teachers. I will pass your address on.

Bravo! I am just letting you know that you have the most informative website for children that I have ever come across.  I am doing research for my eight year old son for a project on disabilities and I am so impressed with the way you "talk" to kids and explain to them things you want to say.  I don't know if you have or have thought about writing a book, but I think that you absolutely should.  You have impressed me so much, and I just wanted you to know that.

Oh I wanted to tell you, I received an Email from a lady who writes books on my condition. She is finishing up her 3rd book and it is from the view of Pediatric patients. And she asked if I would write a little bit about myself and how I cope with my medical problems. She wants to quote some stuff from my page. I think it is AWESOME! So THANK YOU! for taking time to help me and others who are trying to reach out to this world and make them aware of what is happening to us. Hope you have a wonderful Day!

I've been meaning to drop you a line for years now, to say a huge thanks for the exemplary work that you have done on this page and for your wider work in helping kids have a voice and helping adults to hear them :-)

HELLO DEAR FRIEND JUST A LITTLE PRAYER TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU ARE PRECIOUS FOR ME MANY KISSES AND HUGS YOUR FRIEND FOR EVER Christophe (You might want to read  Christophe's story. He lives on the Mauritius Island off the coast of Madagascar...check it out from the site map--kids' column)

Thank you so very much for yor web site. I am a teen with a chronic illness. A chronic illness without a name. Fortunately for me I was reading the story about Kelly and her story sounded familliar. So I clicked on the links and I started reading the symptoms. I got so excited I figured I'd better call my mom so that she can tell me if this is me. See, I'm too involved to give a good opinion. My mom read and read. So now were going to contact my doctor so that she can start running the tests that might give my illness a name. Finally, after 13 years there might be some answers out there for me. Thank you. You've given me hope. Please continue to spread the word about kids and chronic illness,

My daugher and I loved your story, the 'Dolphin Daydream'. It made us feel all warm inside. I hope you can add more stories like this one.  Thanks

Hello -  Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful site this is.  I just sent it on to the nurse from my daughter's elementary  school. She is in middle now but this site 'grows' along with the kids.  It is obvious that you put a lot of love into this site. 

I just want to say this is the most awesome site I have ever seen for children with chronic medical problems!  I have emailed it to several nursing friends and to families who have children with varying degrees of disability and illness.  Thank you so much for taking the time to build such a wonderful site.

...I wanted to express to you how terrific I found the site. I have spent the last two hours reading all the different sections as if I was the parent, the nurse, the child, the doctor and so on. I am so impressed and know how important your mission is. Keep up the fabulous must be an angel!

What a wonderful web site! You are to be congratulated on producing such a user friendly and informative web site.  It has become a site I visit regularly. 

...Ran across your web-site while researching information for an academic paper. Thank you for all the time and attention you  put into "Band-Aides and Blackboards." We enjoyed reading the detailed information your site offered, and I know we will continue to benefit from the site.

...I stumbled upon this dolphin daydream tonight after a horrible day of hassling with transplant cordinators, my kidney donor candidate, and my family.  That is a lot to deal with in one day trust me :o)  I read this daydream, and just reading it calmed my nerves.  Thank you to whom ever is out there writing this stuff to make days like today a little easier to cope with. 

I am writing from Budapest, Hungary, I am a child psychologist and family-therapist working with chronically ill children and their families since I started to work (8
years). I've learnt so much from your web-site, and it was very helpful when I was working on my university final dissertation. Now I am working on my PhD dissertation, and your site is really unique still. Congratulations!

Just stumbled onto your web-site.  It's wonderful.  I wish we had had it 10 years ago 
when my son was going through elementary school with ulcerative colitis. You are 
doing a wonderful service to these kids!

I was looking for some Special Education information when I came across your website, it looked so different and fun that I exlplored for a little bit.  It is really a relaxed, open, positive site where kids can share their experiences and gain insight from others in similar situations.  You have done a great job! 

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful site you have.  I wish I knew about it years ago when I was dealing with  my son being on dialysis.  It was a tough road to haul after watching him go through 13 operations and painful dialysis.  I gave him shots at home for 8 years and we did peritoneal dialysis at home for three years. 
Looking back I never realized how alone I was trying to raise two boys on my own and their father absent in another're doing a wonderful job and I hope it continues for years. 

Thank you so much for this incredible website.  I know that it must be the friendliest one that I have ever visited.

Thank you for the wonderful website. I am a librarian in a high school in Texas, and your site has certainly helped me understand the feelings of students with disabilities that I meet in my job.  I just took a course on web site design, and I stand in awe!  Wow. Thanks again for the great work.

I have been checking in periodically at "Band-Aides and Blackboards" for the past year, and it is truly a wonderful thing.  I am twenty-six and experienced several episodes of childhood and adolescent illness.  You deal directly with so many issues that were at the heart of my experiences.  It's wonderful to see children so open about their illnesses, and proud of what they accomplish every day...Thanks again for all you doing.  I feel that by helping these kids tell their stories to others, you are giving them power and confidence that will help them the rest of their lives.

...Just wanted to say - bravo! A fantastic page - brilliant - be're doing a special thing here...All the best as you keep on doing what you're doing so well - It really is wonderful.

Just a quick note to let you know how your Bandaides and Blackboards web site touched me.  I am studying Elementary Education and came across your web site while doing some research on children with disabilities. 

I am very impressed with the work you have done with this web site.  You have brought awareness to so many in pain. Thank you for being such a caring person.

Well done...a beautiful site!!  I enjoyed it tremendously!  Keep up the wonderful job! 

This is  one of the best websites I have ever been to. No kidding!  I learned so much, and will be much more patient with my sister now. The layout is fantastic, too, very easy to navigate no matter what system you use.

I just wanted to let you know that my son has received some truly touching email from the site. One was from a Grandfather to be who found out his daughter in law was a carrier for a bleeding disorder, and he said that he felt much better after reading his story and knew it would be okay. Another was from England, a 25 year old man had just been diagnosed with VWD and said, "I will tell you a secret, I am scared but if a wee little man like yourself can be brave, so can I."  I am so happy we found your site, you are doing a great thing.

You are a Godsend and we applaud your efforts with this site.  The kids are true heroes, and it is good that they are acknowledged! 

I wanted to tell you that your website is wonderful, truly a gift to families, children and the professional communities who are involved with children with health and medical challenges.

I wanted to drop in and say "Wow, what an amazing website!"... it is the most amazing resource I have come across! I am guessing that your stories are based on real
people with real problems, and that makes it all the more interesting, eye-opening and amazing!

Awesome, awesome, awesome, your funny Band-Aides website. I learned from it how to use humor to cope with the most difficult of hospital experiences, and believe me, it works! Thanks so much...

 I love your site and will be sure to share it with my colleagues in private practice. It is a wonderful resource for kids and parents alike.

Your work is wonderful !  I have been in mental health in NJ for the past 16 years and have dreamed of getting materials like yours to share with our patients.  I will alert my staff to the website and will post some of the stories for discussion, etc.

I find your site beautiful as well as empowering.

I love your website!!! I wish it were mine...that's the highest compliment I can pay!  Two things occurred to me when I first saw your site: a) here was someone with a big heart, addressing a great need with intelligence, warmth and fun (a nurse of course); b) how can I tap into her knowledge right away? Thanks so much.

Your website has so much to say and so much to learn from! I hope that one day, there will be someone like you in Japan to listen to the kids' cries and help the society to understand them. There are many cries from children with disabilities but it is difficult to find someone to turn to. It is surprising (or may not be) to find that the problems we face in Japan are the same anywhere else.   US, Japan, there is no difference.

I've just been browsing through Band-Aides. It is excellent!!! Easy to navigate and fantastic for all! I will be sending some of our members along to you. I had to pass on my thoughts of the site-----you're doing an unbelievable job helping so many people.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating the website "Bandaids and Blackboards". You have done a wonderful job of compiling so much important information! If ever a website confirmed my passion for educating children with medical issues this is it! As a mother of a childhood leukemia survivor I watched firsthand the struggles that a child faces in school. It is heartbreaking to have your child cry in the morning saying, "Mommy. please don't make me go to school. I can't do what the other kids do." Jared, who was in second grade at the time, was experiencing learning difficulties resulting, in part, from intrathecal chemotherapy. Add to that the just plain "feeling lousy" and school had become something to dread. As a teacher, this saddened me as well. This is when my desire to "educate teachers" first took root. But I had no idea where to begin......
At the time I remember coming across your website, and printing off some information to take to his teacher. I could not find anyone who understood both the educational AND the medical aspect of things. Not knowing where else to turn, I became his only advocate.  Since that time, another cancer mom and I approached our local hospital/pediatric cancer clinic about presenting a 1/2 day workshop for teachers and parents. The result was a conference titled Educating Children Diagnosed With Cancer that took place last fall. Now the hospital wants to put together another conference for next spring, broadening the scope to educating children with various medical needs. We are in the early planning stages, so do not have a title. We were asked to come to the next meeting with ideas of different topics we might want presented. That's when I remembered your website and visited there today looking for ideas. I could have spent HOURS following links and reading each area you have available and just touched the surface. Your website has grown since I first visited it several years ago. I still see this as a need that is not adequately being addressed in many schools, but am thrilled that the place where my son was treated is beginning to address this issue. Now comes the challenge of getting the word out to those in the teaching profession and persuading them to attend the workshop! I have no doubt that we will easily fill a full day workshop with topics of interest.
As both a parent and a teacher, I appreciate the work you have done in this area. I still wish there was a way I could do more. I am a small fish in a big pond, but am trying to make the most of each opportunity that arises to improve school issues for children dealing with medical needs, children who are so often misunderstood.

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