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This is quite simply the best thing I have ever found on the Internet.Your pages made me laugh.. and cry.I'm studying to be a nurse in Australia and have two children of my own. One with a vision impairment.  I feel very humbled by these pages and I hope I'll remember the things I have found here.This will go a long way to help me be a more understanding nurse...and mum.

How wonderful that there is a place where kids can speak out and be heard when things don't go as well as they could with their little bodies. I think you are doing an amazing thing for these kids!

My first time on your web site I spent at least an hour and a half. I really enjoyed the whole idea . I went on the hospital tour and really appreciated the tips for the people involved in taking care of that child. I think that this web site is great. I enjoy the site so much. Thanks for your efforts...

This is abolutely the most valuable web site I have of a kind. I love the concept of assisting children and encouraging positive self concept. Thanks!

I commend you on your website, Band-Aides and Blackboards...  As the mother of a cancer survivor who is in elementary school, I am grateful that the insights of these children are being made so easily available to teachers, parents, and other children.  Of course, it's not just about going to school, is it?  This must be a rewarding magnum opus for you...

What a valuable tool for parents and kids alike. the site is completely user friendly.  The experiences included are both touching and informative. This is the first website of its kind that I have even seen. 

I am moved to tears by these stories and how brave these kids are.  I think what you have done is as wonderful as are the kids sharing their stories.  Thank you!

I stumbled upon your "Bandaides and Blackboards" site, while researching Osteochondromatosis.  What a delightful, sweet site.......the stories I read were wonderful......what a great outlet for the children! 

I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done on Band- Aides.  I have enjoyed your site so much, and wanted you to know that it is one of the best I've seen. Thank you for your excellent work.

This is a huge thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful web site which I discovered through a New York Times article several months ago.  I am a school nurse in a pre-k through 3 school and have found your children's stories, articles and poems incredible.  My supervisor who works with adolescents has also found your site invaluable for students and staff. 

Just wanted you to know that I found your great Web site and read a few of the  cancer-related stories and poems. These kids are brave and amazing!

So glad to see your site.  What a wonderful tool!!!!!

One of the most 'family friendly' sites I seen.  Well done!  You wrote 'the experience'.

What a wonderful site to refer parents, children, and my nursing students to view.  As the mother of a teenager with a chronic problem, I can identify with the feelings Maddy expressed as well as parents. Thanks for taking the time.

I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at all the goodies on your! I will be visiting over and over and over again!

Hi. I just floated on in and found this site fantastic. The way it is put together is wonderful. WOW is all I can say.

I am a school psychologist and have used information from your site over and over and over.  Thank you for your efforts and insightful information.  I have passed the site address on to many parents and teachers and have used much of the information on teasing in developing a series of workshops for both teachers and parents.  Again, thanks for a job well done. 

This is an awesome site.  I really appreciate the information about special kids.  Very useful in my child development curriculum!

The stories are wonderful and it really helps to bring the disease process into focus. Just great! Thank you for sharing...

This is the best site I've ever seen. WOW covers how I feel about it.

I LOVE your website!!!  What a great way to communicate to children how fortunate and blessed they are to be born healthy.  Hearing it straight from the "mouths of babes" really touches the heart and hits home.

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help that your web site provided me. I am doing a research paper on children coping with death and dying.  Your site was by far the most extensive that I have found.  I really admire all of the time and energy that you have obviously invested.  I guess that I am writing you not only to say thank you for your help, but also to commend you on your work... sometimes it's nice to know that someone noticed!

Wow, what a great site! I just had to email you to let you know how
wonderful your site is and how valuable it is a resource for families, kids and professionals. 

I LOVE YOUR SITE!! I teach students with physical disabilities in public school and use your site as a resource frequently. Many have become accustomed to visiting it regularly for new information or, I suspect, to simply connect with other kids who share their experiences.

I love your web site.  It's given me insight on the children and also has opened my eyes to things I seemed to have forgotten as I grew up. I am definitely going to use the site with the children I serve.

...but what I really want to say is thank you.  Simply from a parent's perspective, I thank you for helping me help my child to be more sensitive.  And specifically as a parent of a child with a chronic condition, thank you for giving her someplace to go when she needs support or maybe even knowledge.

This is one of the very best sites I have ever visited-- extremely comprehensive, diverse, easy to read, great information,practical as well as informative about a wide range of topics from many perspectives.  I will certainly recommend this site to my colleagues, the families I work with, and of course, the children.  EXCELLENT!

I have to tell you that I was amazed by your site. I spent hours on it, crying, laughing, learning about the challenges of illness and teasing from so many children and teen-agers. Thank you for your very important work...keep it up!

Just a quick note to say how much I love dropping in to your site. You continue to do such a beautiful, incredibly, organized job, and hands down, your site is just in the top of the net. 

I'm now studying pediatrics, feeling rather overwhelmed with the idea of caring for a little person with a big sickness.. but the straightforwardness of your approach, the humor and all the info...especially tips for kids on how to pass the time at the hospital and play pranks.. it all gave me a much clearer perspective on ways to approach kids in that setting. I am still intimidated,.. but just less so.. does that make sense? Thank you so much!

This is a great, colorful, friendly, informative site.  One of the best I've seen, and I've seen a LOT on childhood cancer!

Thanks to your site, I not only have found a great pen pal, but I have started as a volunteer for the Make-A-Wish foundation. God bless you for the work you are doing to make the world a better place.

What a great site! Great information and great design...thanks!

I AM  so thrilled to have found you. I am going to go thru your site page by page, but I just had to take a moment and let you know how wonderful the concept is.

I am a nursing student doing an assignment for class: a critical analysis of 5 different online pediatric resources.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your site.  I focused on the frog pond for kids and had a blast going through all of the different links.  I know a lot of hard work went into making your site.  When I see people like you making such great contribution to people it reminds me why I chose to go into nursing. Thank you for your inspirational web site.

I do just love your site. It's a work of heart.

I was searching the web today and found your site.  I'd like to commend your efforts. Your site is excellent, not just visually, but content-wise...Far too often in life we fail to recognize people who have made a positive difference.  Joan, I feel you are doing that with your website.  Keep it up.  It's needed.

I am sitting here literally crying with tears running down my face as I see the site that you have created for kids... I cannot describe to you how very happy I was when I finally found your site, purely by accident. I cannot wait until my daughter awakens in the morning to let her see the hospital tour.  She is quite apprehensive and has even asked me if they are going to cut her heart out when they fix her kidneys.  I am so happy that you have taken the time to create this for children.

Many, many thanks for being such an inspiration and a wonderful innovator whose heart has touched thousands and will touch many more. Band-Aides has made a significant difference to my life.

I am very impressed with your web page "Band-aides and Blackboards." I am an occupational therapy student, and I happened across it when I was searching for information on lupus. What a great site for kids!  I plan to share this site with my classmates for future reference. Keep up the great work!

A beautiful site - I have been exploring Bandaides & Blackboards to obtain information for my nursing students - this is one of the most inspirational sites I have visited.

How wonderful for all children to visit...for those who have a chronic condition to see that they are not alone, and for those "normal" kids...who make fun of those "different" kids. Your site is wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing!

Joining you from Galway, Ireland to say how incredibly impressed I am by all the children who wrote for Band-Aides and Blackboards. Best wishes for the long life of this superb site.

I am from India. It was by accident that I found myself in your site. But mind you I remaind there for more than one hour. I must admit that it is one of the best sites I have visited. Keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK!

I am 9 years old and I'm talking about my experience because I don't have any friends in my class. The bullies pick on me because I don't have any friends to help defend me. They think "what will he do, anyway, so let's just bug him." I try to tell the teacher but that just made it worse. Well, I found this website and it's a lot better now. Like when people make fun of me I just say"SO" and walk away. THANKS for teaching me good things to do and to say. Maybe kids will start to like me now. 

This is a wonderful website.  Thank you for producing it.  You are doing a wonderful service.

I am the program director for a summer camp facility that serves children with special medical needs.  I have recommended your site to all of our user groups!  Thank you for the wonderful resource! 

I just visited your website for kids learning about hospital stays.  What a  wonderful job.  It is obvious that you love your work.  I am sure many children benefit.

I think that it really is important for children to be aware of other children's problems and the way they are treated. You have produced an excellent and moving site. Thank you!

I think this is a wonderful site that truly accomplishes its goal.  I work with children, and it gave me more insight into their thoughts and feelings. I so enjoyed your site that I am sure to revisit it and refer to it again in the future.  Thank you.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  Having my story on your site has done a lot for me in the past year.  For a while, things had gotten worse for me, and I tried to kill myself twice.  I was put on medication, but your site helped me get through everything...I was getting teased so much that life became unbearable.  However, in that time, I remembered the inspiration of Bandaides and Blackboards, and with the help of a school counselor, I began teaching disability awareness using the site as a tool.  Now, I have started a penpal program for ill kids and parents of ill kids with the help of my Rotary International district, and it is thriving in several areas of the United States and Australia.   I could not have done this without the courage the stories on B and B gave me. I think your site represents a bright and shining star on the web.

Let me say that I think you have done an incredible job with this site.  I have been here many times and always find something new to comfort me when times get rough.

Just a quick note to compliment your web site! It's attractive and it shows great organization and insight into kids with differing needs. I'm proud to see nurses taking new approaches to health care!

Your site, your principles, and your values will be lovingly established not only in our home, but in the homes of all the families whose lives you've touched.

Exploring your site brought smiles and tears. Thanks for the trip! Great web-site!

I think that this site is truly wonderful...What a wonderful thing you have done composing these stories for families so that they know they are not alone.

You have done a humongous, outstanding job, and I will share it with all I know...Loved the poem about leukemia!

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