Hello! My name is Kristina...(I'm the one with the paint on her face)...and I live in Germany. My sister is older than I am, and of course, my mom and dad are, too! I also have a cat named Jazzy, and that is my family. I am 8-years-old.

I have something called Moebius Syndrome, which means that I am not able to smile and I can't close my eyes. I don't like when people ask me why I can't do that stuff about ten times. Just when one person finishes their questions, another one starts. 

I have two best friends at this conference. It's a conference that brings people together from all around the world to meet other people with Moebius and to learn more about all the treatments and operations that can help. You've already seen my friends' pictures! Robyn is from South Africa (she's the girl in the middle), and Elizabeth is from Minnesota (and of course you must have figured out that she's the one with the blue shirt). 

About two years ago, when I was six, the doctors figured out that I have a mild case of Moebius. And that is the rest of the story of me. I hope that you liked it!

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Last updated: November 14, 2004