Wow, thanks for sticking around to see how I'm doing now . After 3rd grade I continued on cytoxan for about a year and a half. then I started to get a lot better so they took me off of it. 

Then I got what everyone thought was the flu a couple days before Christmas. I became so sick that when I was walking over to talk to my brother, I just passed out right in front of him! I was rushed to the emergency room and I was put into intensive care for 4 days, and while all this was going on I was unconscious. Imagine how scared my family was. I really don't remember any of that part. When I finally woke up a few days later, I had a tube in my nose to help me breath. Well, I wanted it out, but my mom told me to wait until the nurse came in, so when she came in a few minutes later, I took it out myself!

<>The doctor told me that the virus I got had almost killed me. So that's the scary story. As you can see, I'm much better now. I'll tell you more later, but I have to get ready for school now! Bye!

Oh, no, it's been several years since Jess has written. Hope she'll send me some more news, since this page reflects how she was doing in 2002!!!
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