There are many kinds of discrimination: age, sex, appearance and many others. The one I hate the most is SIZE discrimination. Why? Because I am under 5 feet tall and so often am discriminated against. For example, at amusement parks there are some rides I can't go on because I don't reach a line on a wall; sometimes I'm treated like a little girl because I'm small; and sometimes people think I'm a 2nd grader when I'm really 11-years-old and in the 6th grade. All in all discrimination in any form is wrong. I believe this because I'm a victim of size discrimination, and as you already know, I hate it! Molly

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Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, Lehman College, CUNY
Bronx, New York 10468

Last updated: November 15, 2004