Health education activities for children are needles in the haystack of the Web. This is a page of links to sites that do include age appropriate teaching strategies. I hope that you'll let me know if you find any more great ones, so that I can share them here with others.

pinkburstOK, OK, so I'm tooting my own horn to suggest that you take a look at the Band-Aide sampler on this page. I like the idea, so I thought that you might, too. Let me know! For school children.

pinkburst"The Nurse's Great Idea" describes an "exclusion" exercise that fosters in children a sensitivity for one another. Good for elementary and middle school children. Another page on the Band-Aides site.

pinkburst"Growing Up Fit" includes many activities, designed for preschoolers but really appropriate for all children.

pinkburst"Joe Chemo" is an anti-smoking story for middle school children that includes questions for discussion at the end.

pinkburst"Secret Care Buddies" is an activity that emphasizes friendship skills, designed for 6-14 year olds.

pinkburst"Growing Up Different" is a two part conversation that features young adults with disabilities, with a number of thought provoking questions linked to many of the exchanges. Although designed for group discussions of people with disabilities, this is an excellent resource for all teens.

pinkburst"Just Say No": an alcohol awareness site for grades 6-12 with a number of classroom activities and suggestions for projects.

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