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CUNY Becas 2016

The call for CUNY Becas 2016 is now closed. Check back later in the Fall for the application for CUNY Becas 2017, due Feb. 28, 2017.

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General Information

The Jaime Lucero Mexican Studies Institute's Becas program offers scholarships to CUNY undergraduate and graduate students who meet three criteria: academic excellence, financial need, and commitment to service in the Mexican community. Currently, the scholarship can only be used for tuition.

The scholarship primarily aids students with little or no access to other funding sources. Because its emphasis is on financial need and because it does not discriminate based on immigration status, this program has been particularly successful in aiding undocumented students. Several of the students have told us they would have been unable to enroll in school without the scholarship. Others have said they had never been able to complete an internship due to work obligations necessary for paying tuition. We believe this program has a tremendous impact in achieving its goals and enabling future leaders to develop the skills and networks they need while lifting some of the tremendous burden of affording school with little or no access to financial aid.

Scholarship recipients join the Becari@s Network of current and past Becas recipients. They participate in monthly professionalization seminars and are expected to complete internships for a total of 200 hours in an affiliated nonprofit institution. Students are matched to an internship that suits their interests, professional goals and schedules. The Institute works closely with "Becari@s," scholarship winners, and internship sites to ensure a positive experience on both sides.

Funding for the program has come from the Mexican government’s Instituto de Mexicanos en el Exterior (Inst. of Mexicans Abroad, or IME), Juntos Podemos Foundation, APEM, and private donors, especially Mr. Jaime Lucero. To sustain the current number of scholarships, we need additional funds. Donate today. 100% of donations to the scholarship fund are dedicated to scholarships (no overhead fees).


Additional Information:

Questions can be directed to or at 347-577-4080.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Academic excellence
  • Financial need
  • Commitment to service in the Mexican community.

Application Materials:

  • Completed application form
  • Most recent transcript (High School students can provide us with their OSIS#, CUNY students can click here for instructions on how to download their unofficial transcript)
  • Two essays: a personal statement and a financial statement
    • personal statement with attention to your community service within the Mexican community
    • financial statement explains why you would benefit from being awarded CUNY Becas. If applicable, discuss any unusual personal or family circumstances.
  • A letter of recommendation and recommendation form

Scholarship Conditions:

For undergraduate students, the scholarship will be disbursed to the recipient's CUNY campus in two equal installments over the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters. For graduate students, the scholarship will be disbursed to the recipient's CUNY campus in one full installment. Failure to comply with the following conditions may result in the suspension or revocation of scholarship awards:

  • Full-time enrollment at a CUNY school
  • Participation in monthly seminars
  • Completion of a 200 hour internship in an affiliated nonprofit institution
  • Submission of semester academic progress report
  • Continuous involvement with the Institute and Becari@s network in events and activities



Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to be currently enrolled in CUNY to apply?

No. As a matter of fact, many of our applicants are high school seniors, GED students or students who are not currently enrolled in college. You MUST enroll in CUNY to receive the scholarship, but not to apply.

Do I have to be Mexican?

No, but you must demonstrate a record of service in the Mexican immigrant community as well as commitment to future service with the Mexican community..

Does my immigration status matter?

No, many of our scholarship winners are undocumented. We do not ask about your immigration status and we do not discriminate.

Does it matter which CUNY I attend?

No, scholarship winners may enroll in any CUNY campus and receive this funding.

Does the scholarship cover all of my educational expenses?

No, while the scholarship funding will cover most or all of your tuition for one year if you are an undergraduate (depending on whether you enroll in a community college or senior college) or one semester if you are a graduate student, it will not cover fees, transportation expenses, books, or other expenses.

What if I work and cannot commit to an internship program?

Maybe this is not the scholarship for you. Becas seeks to foster the development of future leaders. We will give you a lot of support and a lot of opportunities for growth and professional development along with an internship placement. These elements require time and commitment and the scholarship is intended to enable you to worry less about tuition and have more time/energy for school and your growth as a leader. We require students to commit to these opportunities.

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