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Interns 2014 - 2015

2015 Summer Interns

Ashley Dominic

Ashley Dominic is currently a senior at the Macaulay Honors College program at Brooklyn College. As a double major in English and Psychology, she hopes pursue an MPH in the near future and study Health Policy and Management in order to become a policy maker in the field of healthcare. She is excited to get to know my fellow staff members and interns within the CIHE team over the course of this summer, and to get involved in some groundbreaking research! Public health has recently become an immense passion for her and she's excited to delve more into it. Ashely has previous experience in HIV-related work with grant-writing at the CUNY School of Public Health and the Partnership for a Healthier NYC. Some of her other interests include social media, volunteering, community activism, and curling up with a good book or Netflix show.

DaMarcus Ingram

DaMarcus Ingram is a recent graduate from Lafayette College. He obtained his degree in Biochemistry and French double major with a minor in Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. After his internship with Columbia University and CIHE, DaMarcus will teach science to high school students in a private school located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. DaMarcus has a very diverse resume, which includes a range of activities such as participating in cancer research and in an international apprenticeship program in Haiti. His post-graduate career goal is to matriculate into medical school and practice medicine in under-served communities.

Noel Manu

Noel Manu is a current MPH student at Hunter College, studying Community Health Education with a concentration in Maternal, Child, Sexual and Reproductive Health. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology from Wheaton College (MA). I hope to combine my Anthropological knowledge with what I'm learning in Public Health to conduct Social and Public Health Research in the future.

John Elton N. Oliveira

John Elton N. Oliveira is a Medical Student at the University Federal of Amazonas (UFAM) in Brazil. He is an undergraduate student at Wayne State University as part of the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program. He was part of the MedTeach project at UFAM during 2012-2013 in which he visited public and private schools, companies and other institutions with the objective of talking about health promotion and prevention of diseases such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and other infectious diseases. He was also part of the Academic Leagues in which students follow doctors or residents during one year in the areas of Traumatology, Oncology and Psychiatry during 2013-2014. Currently he is a summer intern at CIHE where he is focusing on Latino Men’s health.

Zoe Snow

Zoe Snow is from New York City and graduated in May of 2015 from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Politics. As an undergraduate, Zoe completed pre-medical coursework, and served on the school's Orientation Board for new students and Class Board for the Class of 2015. On campus and in New York City, Zoe has been involved in spreading awareness around social justice issues and plans to pursue a dual MD/MPH degree in order to apply intersectionality to the practice of medicine. Zoe's goal is to make health care more equitable and accessible to everyone, regardless of race, class, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability status. At the CUNY Institute for Health Equity, Zoe is working on a project assessing the need for LGBTQIA specific health care training in medical schools in order to provide adequate care to patients in the LGBTQIA community.

Summer 2014 Interns

Nicholas Acabeo

Nicholas Acabeo started interning with the Institute earlier this summer in order to gain experience with public health work. His internship focused his attention on policies that affect Latino Men across the United States. His work is integral to the work of the Latino Men’s Health Initiative, a project funded by the Kellogg Foundation.


Jessica Alvarez

During her internship with CIHE, Jessica Alvarez worked on the Food Justice Healthy Vending Machines Initiative. The research she undertook entailed a policy analysis of national vending machine initiatives. This analysis will help to direct future expansion of the Healthy Vending Machine Initiative that the Institute undertakes in the coming months.

Shiyun (Sophio) Cao

Shiyun (Sophia) Cao is currently a Hunter College undergraduate student majoring in Community Health Education. Cao used the internship to assess gender and age differences in snack choices and how stress may be a driving force in these differences. In the future, Cao wants to study to be a public health nurse and focus on health disparities and health education among low socio-economic communities.


Makeda Dawkins

Makeda Dawkins is a 4th year B.S. / 1st year M.D. student at The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, City College of New York (CCNY). Ms. Dawkins is passionate about Women’s Health, specifically Maternal-Fetal Care. As a Leonard Davis Community Service Fellow, she worked in the Women’s Health Department of Harlem Hospital Center (HHC), educating mothers about and assisting new mothers with breastfeeding. Through her volunteerism at HHC, she became interested in the biologically and environmentally-elicited differential birth outcomes predominant in underserved populations. She has worked on numerous community-based research projects at The Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), focused on increasing awareness about the long-term effects of smoking on health status and pregnancy in HIV-positive individuals. Ms. Dawkins has presented her work to the HIV/AIDS and Cancer Collaboration Community Advisory Board. Currently, Makeda Dawkins is a Health Justice Fellow at The Office of Student Success at The Colin Powell School of Civic and Global Leadership. Her interests include investigating the biological and environmental factors that impact pregnancy and birth outcomes. As part of her fellowship, Makeda is interning at the CUNY Institute for Health Equity (CIHE). She is involved in the continuation and data analysis of The South Bronx Birth Outcomes Study.

Gilda Caputo Hansen

Gilda Caputo Hansen has an extensive and successful professional portfolio in business and management. She earned her undergraduate degree from Lafayette College and an M.B.A. from Rutgers University Graduate School of Management. She is now pursuing a degree in public health at Lehman College, and undertaking her internship with CIHE. Building on her interests in homelessness amongst LGBTQ youth, Hansen's internship at CIHE entailes analyzing social and policy factors that may contribute to the increase of homelessness among this population. For her capstone project, Hansen plans to interview practitioners about the growing needs of LGBTQ youth in order to develop a potential family level intervention.

Oxana Kraynyak

For her internship project, Oxana Kraynyak developed a survey that assessed students’ nutritional knowledge; their exposure to the Healthy Vending Machine Initiative; and their interest in workshops concerning healthy eating. This work will help to inform next steps for the initiative as the year progresses. Upon completing the internship in August, she plans to work in a clinical or community setting.

Faith Lambert

Faith Lambert is a recent graduate of Ithaca College, where she earned a B.S. degree in Health Sciences with a Nutrition concentration. She came to CIHE as an intern from the Columbia University Medical Center Summer Public Health Scholars Program.

During her studies, she received training in health research and analysis, and gained skills in various research methodologies. She put these skills to use during her internship by studying the perception of environmental stressors of women living in the South Bronx.

Vilma Lantigua

Vilma Lantigua is a Pre-Health student at Lehman College who will be interning with CIHE through the remainder of the academic year. Like many of our interns, Vilma has professional experience and holds another degree. She obtained a bachelors degree in psychology at Stony Brook University, and hopes to pursue a masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies. She also currently works for a private medical clinic in the Bronx. Previously, Vilma has worked for various public health and social service organizations such as the Westchester County Department of Social Services, and the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS where she focused on capacity building and advocacy among marginalized communities. When asked what her primary interests are in a health-related career, she does not hesitate to explain. “Equal access to health services, resources, as well as creating an interest in and awareness of the importance of our health among underserved communities is a vision I share with CIHE, and is an essential part of my work in healthcare. “ Combining her interests in health equity and women’s health, Vilma’s internship project entails the development of a fact sheet for the Women of Color Health Initiative. The creation of this material will help to direct future work the Institute undertakes in this important field.

Akiko Matsunaga

Akiko Matsunaga is currently majoring in Community Health at Hostos Community College. She has always had an interest in health, considering that it is fundamental and essential to living a full and productive life. Since moving to the U.S., Akiko learned about the significant health disparities between the US and Japan and became motivated to understand how and why these differences continue to exist. When asked what issues were most important, she noted that affordable health care as well as social equity were key to improving current outcomes.

Exposure to the stark contrast between the rich and the poor in New York City inspired Akiko to deepen her understanding of health disparities and the role that public health plays in reducing its effect. Through her internship at the CUNY Institute of Health Equity, Akiko will work on the South Bronx Birth Outcomes Study in order to further her interests in the field of public health. Additionally, she hopes this experience will enable her to advocate for others in various parts of the world.