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Reporting I gave students an introduction to the basic elements of journalistic writing, both in terms of structure and style, and in terms of the fundamental elements of truth, balance and inquisitiveness that are the heart of all, solid reporting. During the course of the class, students were exposed to different journalistic genres and narrative voices, and during the workshop and take-home assignments, they practiced these different techniques in their own writing. Students created and edited their own class website – The Bronx Beat – and posted stories about immigration, the Zimmerman trial, stop and frisk and several other topics. In addition to that, each student covered a different Bronx neighborhood, writing reports about local events and selecting a particular issue that became the subject of their final feature stories. Students also visited The New York Times and CNN's headquarters in Manhattan, and they met with several local journalists, TV hosts and photojournalists. They wrote about each of those visits on their website. Finally, students got used to keeping up with the news of the day through daily quizzes that tested their knowledge of local, national and global news. Link: